A 500% increase in sales

“According to our clients, Stahl & Partners is one of the few vendors in Europe that can and is actively measuring ROI – Return of Investment. That is especially important when conducting any kind of sales training. During the last year we finished an 8-month digital and global sales program – "People Sell to People" with 18 sales representatives at Alleima (former Sandvik Materials Technology). The ROI result was more than 500% in increased sales compared to targeted sales.”

Examples of achieved ROI for our clients

Achieved ROI for our clients

18 salespeople sold for 23 million US dollars more than budgeted (after all costs were deducted for the sales training) in 8 months

Achieved ROI for our clients

The program ”Me in the Team” has been delivered for a global manufacturing steel company for 1500 employees with achieved decreased sick leave and increased engagement.

Achieved ROI for our clients

In one business where there was a natural large turnover one of our clients aim was to identify, attract and keep talented young employees. The goal was achieved, turnover was decreased and money was saved on significantly less recruiting. 

Achieved ROI for our clients

As a result of one ”Executive Coaching” one key stakeholder/executive at a client site improved in communicating complex information and made a 4-minute video that also promoted him for an even better position in the global company.

Achieved ROI for our clients

With the ”Train the trainer” program at one client site we trained and licensed 20 key employees to become trainers in tailored programs and as an effect they trained and graduated 700 of their fellow employees as well as 100 managers.

Achieved ROI for our clients

A Swedish company with international expansion goals trained over 150 of their middle managers over a five-year period to define and create a successful company culture that could be implemented worldwide. Today the company is successfully represented in more than 20 countries worldwide.

“S&P embraces diversity and develops resilience & collaboration”

“Helena Ståhl and S&P made a very accurate needs analysis of various complex situations and turned around many missions that were, in my eyes, almost impossible to achieve given the scope, the timing, and the scale.
Because Helena is a passionate person with a very high respect for people growth, she very quickly gains the trust of a team. One specific result she has achieved for us is to develop a Training Academy. She has developed two tailored internal training programs, then trained and licensed 30 of our middle managers as trainers and they in turn have so far graduated 450 of their fellow colleagues and management. The Academy has achieved the set goals for graduation rate, application rate, and guest satisfaction rates. The process has helped us save money on training, use our own potential, identify talents, and improve cooperation. S&Ps methods take into consideration local behaviour and produce exemplary results.”

Jean Louis Pismont
Chief Operating Officer, Beachcomber Resorts Mauritius
Jean Louis Pismont
Words about Stahl & Partners

We asked our participants

How would you describe training with S&P to friends, clients, family and coworkers?


“Stahl & Partners get things done”

Recognition & Awards

Stahl & Partners has been recognised in media and by the market all around the world. 

The company have received many awards and nominations, and the most common reason is that Ståhl & Partners is consistent in delivery, can measure, is innovative, works globally, and is a role model for expanding new markets and countries.

In the media

ARTICLE IN SVENSKA DAGBLADET (one of Sweden’s two biggest daily papers)

Newspaper headline: “Dare to go your own way”

“Helena Ståhl is the founder and CEO of Stahl & Partners. She leads 10 experts in collaborative projects worldwide with clients such as Sandvik, Alleima, COOP, Nordic Choice Hotels/Strawberry, ICA, NASDAQ, Anticimex, Systembolaget, and many others. Helena has worked with leadership, sales, and presentation training for over 30 years and trained more than 15,000 individuals globally. Ståhl & Partners works on average 4-5 years with each client and has a 95-99% customer satisfaction rate. 

Helena has a unique combination of skills and is, among other things, number one of around 100 licensed and experienced experts in ROI - Return on Investment - and can measure the financial outcome of an investment in training and education.”

article about Helena Ståhl in Svenska Dagbladet
ARTICLE IN SVENSKA DAGBLADET (one of Sweden’s two biggest daily papers)

Newspaper headline: “The business world’s Michelle Obama!”

Article about Helena Ståhl in Svenska Dagbladet

With her enthusiasm, dedication, and belief in the power of human change, she evokes the image of Michelle Obama: a strong role model and world citizen. In the same way, Helena Ståhl manages to balance professional life and family life.

Daring to go your own way and reject traditional norms is unusual in today's business world. The path to success can look different, as well as the way of measuring success. Would more entrepreneurs succeed if they dared to invest in their dreams, without regards to norms and unwritten rules?

Leadership development with guaranteed ROI and measurable goal fulfillment is exactly what Ståhl & Partners has been creating during their 20 years in business.”


The ninth annual Influential Businesswoman Awards 2024 hosted by Acquisition International

“Once again, we get to recognise your hard work and dedication as a business woman in this current climate. Its an honour to be able to showcase the most inspiring business women around the globe.

The panel reached their decision and this year you have been awarded:”

Global Executive Management Training Company CEO of the Year 2024 (Sweden): Helena Ståhl

Nominated for Influential Businesswoman Awards

“One of the Top 10 Emerging Executive Coaching Companies in Europe 2023” 

By Manage HR Europe

“One of the top 10 Leadership Development Training/Coaching Companies in Europe 2022”

Management in Europe

Global Awards Winner

Stahl & Partners is the winner of Business Management Consultancy Firm of the Year 2023/2024

Scandinavian Business Awards 2023

Scandinavian Business Awards
Award from AI Global Media

Award for best web site content 2022 from AI Global Media.

Recognition and Nominations

Helena Ståhl was nominated for the very prestigious leadership award 2022 at the Tallberg Eliasson foundation

Helena Ståhl was invited to do a Ted Talk in Holland 2020 with the title ”Adapt or Die (but the pandemic put a stop to it) 

helenastahl.com website was nominated as one of the best websites in Sweden 2023  (Snowfire Design Awards 2023)

Stahl & Partners was one of the "Top 10 Leadership Development Training/Coaching Companies in Europe 2022"

Helena Ståhl was shortlisted to be featured as one of the “Top 10 Emerging Executive Coaching Companies in Europe 2023” in our upcoming Annual Special Edition on Executive Coaching. //Manage HR Magazine