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    Raise the resilience of your organisation

    To rebound repeatedly from disruption is tough but if we as organisations have a mindset of agility, adaptable leadership, courage and cohesive culture we can be ahead. Browse the slides here to see some facts about the world today, which emphasises the need for change and development.

  • Gallup connects engagement to productivity and retention. They conclude that “high-turnover businesses” achieve 24% less turnover with high employee engagement. The behaviours of highly engaged business units result in 21% greater profitability. 

    Source: Gallup Institute/Rallyware 2023

  • In the US more than 45% of the workforce has changed jobs during the pandemic and the pattern keeps on repeating all over the world. The top five reasons employees quit are:

    • Personal wellbeing 24% 
    • Work – life balance 24% 
    • Lack of confidence in senior management leadership 21% 
    • Lack of flexible work hours or location 21% 
    • Not receiving the promotions or raise I deserve 19%

    Source: Microsoft 2022

  • In 2023, 83 % of the business we conduct is global. Are you a person of the world - who speaks different languages, understands different cultures, have lived in different countries, and have a high CQ?

    Source: Culture Intelligence Center 2023

  • According to Gallup Institute 47% of Europeans express that they live a good life BUT only 14% say that they feel the same way about their workplace.

    Source: Gallup Institute and the report ”State of the global Workplace” 2022

  • “To cultivate organisational resilience and to ensure adaptability, companies will need to think differently about how teams are structured and managed. 80% of executives are considering, or are already implementing, changes in the content, structure and cadence of business meetings”.

    Source: McKinsey 2022

  • “Today’s leaders must move beyond their identity as professionals and show up as humans and be authentic. High Performance teams will always outperform the capabilities of their individuals. The new model has a clear purpose and focus to benefit all stakeholders by enabling people to work and learn together to build and operate an evolving system to go beyond creating profit to creating value”. 

    Source: McKinsey 2023

  • The ten most important skills for leaders have changed (Leadership went from 5th to 1st place from 2021 to 2022) after the pandemic. Today they are:

    1. Leadership 
    2. Diversity and inclusion 
    3. Change Management 
    4. Remote and hybrid work 
    5. Communication 
    6. Adaptability 

    Source: Bookboon Learning 2022

  • 43% of leaders around the world say that relationship building is the greatest challenge in a hybrid and remote work setting BUT one worth prioritising, and building social capital will be crucial for organisational success. 

    Source: McKinsey 2023

CQ will be the key to success to any role in the future

  • Can you assume that people with international experience have a higher level of cultural intelligence?
  • Can you assume that a top performer "at home" will be a top performer "over there"?
  • Can you assume that a person with a high EQ has a high CQ?

The answer to all the above is "no".

How many go to work engaged?

Work engagement



Not engaged at work



Disengaged at work



Gallup Institute 2022

We are creating the same result digitally as working on site – taking digital learning to the next level

Given these frustrations, many companies are re-evaluating their digital learning offer and will be on the lookout for solutions that do a better job of engaging employees and building a strong digital learning culture.

Salespeople with 5 specific EQ's
perform 2.7 times better!

5 specific EQ's

IDI tests in over 30 countries

IDI - Interpersonal Dynamics Inventory tests diverges from traditional methods by focusing on an individual’s role in a specific work context rather than solely on their personality traits. Recognising that social intelligence is not solely determined by inherent character but is also influenced by the dynamics and expectations of the professional environment.

Helena is licensed in:

  1. Social Intelligence (IDI) 
  2. Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  3. Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

Holistic Leadership

Holistic leadership requires leaders to bring their whole selves to their role. It's not just about their skills, processes, and approaches to their work, but also their character, values, and mindset. And, to take this idea a step further, effective holistic leaders are skilled in encouraging others to do the same.

This holistic approach to leadership can be defined in five characteristics: inspiration, awareness, balance, transparency and ethics. Employees are more likely to be inspired to do their best work if they have an inspirational leader.

“The work exists for the person as much as the person exists for the work” (Greenleaf, 1996. p. 8). It challenges organisations to rethink the relationships that exist between people, organizations and society as a whole.

Stahl & Partners approach

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  • Has since 20 years 120 proven tools
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  • S&P delivers what they promise
  • Has 10 excellent trainers
  • Each one has a deep knowledge and are each experts in their own field
  • They are all assertive and committed to their clients' success
  • 95% of their clients come on recommendation
  • Clients stay an average of 5 years
  • You can trust their process

Will EQ replace IQ for leaders of tomorrow already today?

Factors with little or no bearing:
  • AGE

“I'm not impressed by your money, position or title. I'm impressed by how you treat others.”



During the pandemic Helena Stahl interviewed 30 CEOs and HR directors worldwide. You can download the book as a pdf.