Take action today 
– for a better tomorrow

We make a conscious commitment to give a significant portion of our profit (approximately 10%) in combination with our knowledge back to our society, with a focus on those who will be our next generation of employees and leaders – our youth.

Helena Ståhl in South Africa
Helena Ståhl in South Africa
Helena Ståhl in South Africa

Your life adventure – a pitch in the making

”Since the start of Stahl & Partners, the company has given 10% of the profit to chosen projects around the world that focus on children's and teenager's opportunity to increase their self-confidence. We need more young people that want to contribute to a better tomorrow. 

Right now we have a request to develop a training process for teenagers and we are designing it as a "walk in an amusement park” where each station/activity is a session in making. For example: You need courage to take on challenges just as you need courage to go on a roller coaster. You need presentation skills to communicate your ideas and visions just as you need them to stand on the big stage, you need a map of the facilities - just as you need a road map to reach your goals, etc. 

Of course, everyone at Stahl & Partners contributes to a better tomorrow without any charge, fee, or salary. We share our knowledge, coach and mentor children and young adults because they will become our influencers and leaders of tomorrow.”

Amusement Park