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“When we learn how to handle crisis in more constructive ways then crisis can be the source and development. If we understand how we normally react in a crisis, how and what we can do instead then we do not have too adapt or die… but we can welcome a crisis as an opportunity to reinvent ourselves.”

We are a company with a strong human-centric approach. We work with well-known name brand companies from all around the world. 95% of our clients are referrals and they usually continue training with us for many years. We guarantee ROI and goal achievement for all clients who follow our proven training method.

Stahl & Partners and clients

“I am motivated by the potential I see in people and companies reaching beyond their biggest dreams.”

Helena Ståhl


Stahl & Partners

Our credibility:

Since the start in 2000, we have had an average annual growth of 15%. We consistently achieve the highest annual growth ranking possible for a Swedish company by the ”Swedish Growth Index”. The leading Swedish Credit Bureau (UC) has awarded us with the Golden Seal, the highest possible credit rating. We are a global and multicultural company with clients in over 25 countries. 95% of our new clients are referrals from existing clients. Clients continue to work with us for an average of 4.5 years.

How we do it:

We guarantee ROI and goal achievement for all clients who follow our proven training method. Using a successfully proven 7 step project plan, we always tailor our programs and select our coaching teams based on each client’s specific needs. We have developed 140 tools for our successful training concepts, and our participants reach an application rate of 87% of the tools in their professional lives. We are licensed in ROI (Return on Investment), and consistently use the ROI method to measure our clients’ training investments. 88% of all training participants reach their defined targeted goals. 10% of our annual profit is reinvested in nonprofit programs for youth projects that focus on developing tomorrow’s leaders.

Return on Investment (ROI)
Helena Ståhl – Stahl & Partners

About Helena Ståhl

She is the founder and CEO of Stahl & Partners, leading approximately 15 trainers in client projects all over the world.

She has worked in leadership training for the past 32 years and has trained more than 15,000 individuals worldwide.

She receives a 99.7% average approval rating for competence, pedagogy, and commitment.

She is one of 100 active ROI (Return on Investment) trainers in the world.

She is also licensed in CQ (Cultural Intelligence/Cultural Quotient), as well as in the IDI (Interpersonal Dynamics Inventory) Behavioral Test and EQ-Emotional Intelligence, and she has conducted over 15,000 IDI tests in over 23 countries around the world.

She has the equivalent of a B.A. in Social Education with degrees in Journalism, Marketing, Economy and Communication.

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