Stahl & Partners Limited started 2019 and has today clients in over 40 countries around the world. The company has brand name clients such as NASDAQ, IBM, Olink, Alleima, Sandvik, Strawberry, ICA and Coop. Client cooperation lasts an average of five years with each client. Graduation rate is over 95% in all programs and application rate is over 75%. Helena Stahl is one of the few trainers around the world that is licensed and has extensive experience in measuring ROI - Return On Investment on investments in training and development. The company belongs to the 5% of the companies in Sweden with highest growth during 2022 and has the highest possible creditworthiness.

Helena Ståhl

Our purpose

Building skills for an ever-changing future


Our mission

Supporting organisations worldwide to optimise their potential and results


Our strategy

Through tailored training solutions each investment in S&P should be measured and give a positive ROI


Our goal

To leave each client with a measurable and visible positive result on their investment in training & development

What our clients say about us

Words from our clients
Helena Ståhl

Facts about Stahl & Partners:

  • Stahl & Partners produces, sells and delivers tailored training for managers and key employees in companies worldwide: Executive Coaching, Lead Forward, People Sell to People, Present & Persuade.
  • Stahl & Partners’ training process extends over time, and measures Return On Investment (ROI).
  • Our partnership with clients extends for and average of 4-5 years, with large companies such as Sandvik, NASDAQ, Nordic Choice, ICA, the Swedish Armed Forces and Roche.
  • Currently, S&P has clients in over 20 countries.

Frequent questions for us:

Q: How can you have so many large, global clients?

A: Global experience. Digitally fluent. Invested in each individual. And we listen.


Q: Why is effective communication, both digital AND IRL, so difficult?

A: It takes the right training. Individual guidance. And focus. We know how.


Meet the team:

One of our strengths is that we are all experts within our areas and we complement one another. In that way we can design the right team of trainers for each project and client.

Helena Ståhl



Helena Ståhl

Helena Ståhl has a Bachelor Degree in Social Education as well as added degrees in business, marketing and journalism. She has been in the field of Training & Development for 30 years, worked in more than 60 countries and lived and worked abroad for more than 9 years. She has successfully managed Stahl & Partners for over 20 years and is not only known for being an outstanding trainer and businesswoman but also a great manager.

She has been nominated as ”Businesswoman of the Year" in Sweden for several years and has won numerous international awards the last couple of years. She loves children and teens and works with young people all over the world in her free time. She might be Swedish by origin but is truly a global citizen.

Fredrik Dolk



Fredrik Dolk

Fredrik has a B.A in Theatre & Arts with an added degree in astronomy. He is a licensed ICF coach as well as a captain in the Swedish Reserve Marines. Fredrik has worked as a full-time actor since 1987and has worked with S&P since 2003 with communication and presentations skills. His unique combination of skills, as well as deep and long experience in the field of communications, makes him an excellent trainer. He loves to see people develop their skills and discover potentials they did not know they had.

Fredrik reads at least four daily newspapers a day and has an extensive knowledge about the business world!

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Henrik Lindgren



Henrik Lindgren

Henrik Lindgren has a B.A in Business Economics and is an expert on Business Finance for managers. He uses an effective method to simulate business strategies and their effects in pragmatic ways through workshops and simulations. The methods aim to make managers & key people comprehend the financial effects of decisions made and also understand how to increase the profitability in their company or their own department.

Henrik is the epiphany of competence, commitment and positive energy and has the ability to communicate complicated or complex matters in effective, comprehensive ways. In his free time he loves to play golf and to be on the sea with friends and family.

Johanna Pregmark Envall



Johanna Pregmark Envall

Johanna E. Pregmark has a PhD from Chalmers University of Technology. Her research is focused on organisational transformation, disruption, and innovation. Apart from working with action research issues in transforming industries, she is part of the core team that drives Center for Higher Ambition and a Corporate Entrepreneurship Master Education at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship. As well as being a partner in S&P, she is also a partner at Truepoint IM. Johanna has worked as a management consultant for more than 20 years. 

She is a frequently hired keynote speaker on topics such as change, transformation and innovation. In her spare time, she enjoys food and wine, luckily in combination with enjoying running, skiing and golf.

Veronica Fransén



Veronica Fransén

Veronica Fransén has a BA in Social Work, is an international certified coach; ICF, and has been coaching managers globally for Ståhl & Partners for 5 years. She has extensive experience of managing others as she has worked in the health and wellness industry for over 25 years as a manager as well as a CEO. 

Veronica loves physical activities and is a licensed personal trainer. She has a genuine interest in people’s behavior and how they can optimise their potential and focus on their possibilities to get a better work-life balance.

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Mikael Wallteg



Mikael Wallteg

Mikael Wallteg is the former Vice President of ”Systembolaget” (in Sweden) where he during 16 years led a transformation from a company with low customer satisfaction to being Sweden’s most liked company with more than 450 shops and 6000 employees. Systembolaget has more than 130 million customer interactions. 

Today Mikael is ranked as one of the top presenters in Sweden where he leads by example in his quest that everyone should go to work with passion, eagerness and happiness. He works together with S&P in projects conducted in the Nordic countries.

Markus Lindqvist



Markus Lindqvist

Markus Lindqvist is the founder and CEO of ”Five Accounting” which is an accounting firm focusing on digital and automated solutions for their clients. Markus and Five Accounting cooperate with Helena Ståhl and Ståhl & Partners to find modern and digital solutions for Stahl & Partners' clients. 

Five Accounting has increased their revenue with 400% in the last three years and is continuing to expand. Markus is a multitalented person and a true entrepreneur, as well as a fabulous singer.

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Hanna Ståhl



Hanna Ståhl

Hanna Ståhl has a B.A in Journalism with added degrees in graphic design, web production, and project management. She is experienced in fundraising and marketing, both for nonprofit and corporate business. 

She works as a content manager for Sahl & Partners involving marketing activities, social media, and company design. She is an avid ”health nut” and bikes everywhere she can and has one foot in Lebanon and the other in Scandinavia. 

Helena Stendahl Hägg



Helena Stendahl Hägg

Experienced creative director skilled in developing global brands. Helena have completed three training programs by Stahl & Partners and have since five years back created brand identity, design strategy and concepts for Ståhl & Partners.

She is one of the founders of the Nordic brand agency Identity Works and is now running her own creative agency Emira Unltd. She has a Bachelor of Art (Hons) in Graphic Design from Brighton University, UK, and is a mother of two young adults, a horse owner and rider (mediocre, but learning) and a winter swimmer!

Lilian Ljungberg



Lilian Ljungberg

Lilian is a web designer who started her career as a programmer and system analyst in the financial business. After a year of working in the Swiss Alps, she worked as a graphic designer. To combine these skills she went to the US 18 years ago to learn web design. This web site is the third she has done for Stahl & Partners, the first one published in 2012.

She calls herself a Digital Nomad and has lived and worked in Spain for 14 years. In Spain she found her passion for hiking, especially in the mountains.

“A team is not a group of people working together – it is a group of people trusting one another.”

Simon Sinek

The partners speak out

Fredrik Dolk



”I am so proud to work for a company that always develops tools and processes in accordance with the market changes and requirements and to have the opportunity to work with such brand name companies all around the world!

Working with and for Helena Ståhl means that I constantly is challenged to adapt to new requirements and client expectations with 100% support and positive reinforcement from Helena”.

Veronica Fransén



“Working for Stahl & Partners supports me in living a full life with great work-life balance! Helena puts great trust in me and in how I do my job. I always feel included and with a 100% support from her and we talk almost daily. She is always up to date with what I do, shows consistent appreciation, and is also constructive in her feedback so I can grow and develop. 

I feel highly valued and get to do what I am best at doing with a 100% support and trust in my abilities.”

Markus Lindqvist



“Stahl & Partners rejects everything that represents "traditional" business. Breaking into a male-dominated world and creating such a successful company demonstrates an extremely strong and innovative product. 

Customers are very satisfied and keep returning. Helena is a strong and charismatic world citizen who fulfills, believe it or not, everything she promises. Helena breaks new ground and challenges the conventional corporate world.”


We have frequently been ahead in our business – a good example is our focus on sustainability 

When we started the company in 2000, we decided not to have an office. Instead we would all work from home and be mobile and only travel when the client requested it.

We wanted to contribute to a better world and decided not to print any material but instead email proposals and participant material to our potential and existing clients. We have never, and will never, produce any marketing material to send out. Instead we have invested in a good website. We have greater reach and avoid using paper or distribution systems. We invest 10% of our annual profit in chosen projects focusing on children finishing school and on teens and their possibilities to graduate, get jobs, and become inspiring leaders and influencers in their society.

We are motivated by: ”Sustainable development to meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future generation”

2003 Brundtland Commission Report 

“We support participants
to optimise their full potential.”

Henrik Lindgren, Stahl & Partners

Meet our CEO & founder Helena Ståhl

Dare to go your own way

“Knowledge should be shared 
- not kept”

Helena Ståhl

Said about Helena

A global citizen

Helena is one of the hardest working, most courageous, creative and tenacious people I know. Her story is of sincerity, authenticity, a palpable optimism and inertia with whatever or whomever she's dealing with. She drives change by building trust reservoirs that have impacted several thousands of people she’s coached and mentored through the years. 

Helena makes sure she delivers on whatever she commits to. She obsesses on whatever matters to the other; She is undoubtedly the most "global" of citizens I know. Her heart for the world shows up in cultural home-exchanges, philanthropic/ mission trips, hosting refugee families as well as students.  

I’ve found that she’s one of the most transparent, caring and down to earth people I know. It’s not only authentic, it’s infectious and boundless.

DawnMarie Vestevich, former colleague

Optimal adaptability

“Our mother has a great ability to quickly adjust and adapt whenever it’s needed. With the Covid-19 crisis, there was no talk of slowing down or putting on hold. Instead, she regrouped and adapted to the new situation quickly. She converted all training programs into digital formats. She developed new concepts that clients needed and secured production, motivation and profitability.”

Hanna and Fanny, Helena Ståhl’s daughters

100% commitment to client needs

“When we trainers become involved with a new client assignment, Helena has already been in contact with the client for a long time. She immediately understands our clients’ specific needs and with great innovation creates a solution that neither the clients themselves nor any competitor can provide. Helena's ability to tailor a concept based on the client's needs is unique.”

Fredrik Dolk, Stahl & Partners' trainer

Helena Ståhl’s eight steps to achieve success:

  1. I've made sure to become really good at what I do. What I can do – I want to be the best at!
  2. In areas where I’m not an expert, I delegate to those who are.
  3. We are always one step ahead of our customers. I stay on top of research and trends. I travel extensively. I discuss with, learn from, and am inspired by the many people I meet.
  4. We dare to say no. We don’t accept just any assignment – only those from clients who are as committed to change and development as we are.
  5. We don’t monitor competitors - instead, we welcome collaboration and generously share our knowledge.
  6. I take care of our employees and give them assignments where they can grow and develop.
  7. We measure everything! A sign of our success is that our customers succeed - and can measure their success.
  8. My personal goal is not just profitability. I also want my daughters to be proud of me - as a human being.

Our founder & CEO

Founder & CEO Helena Ståhl