The Process

1st Step in the Process

The overall goals for a project are set by management at the client site.

2nd Step in the Process

After that, each participant sets individual measurable goals based on the overall objective of the investment.

3rd Step in the Process

These goals are set for each participant in coordination with their immediate manager and Ståhl & Partners individual coach.

4th Step in the Process

Stahl & Partners develops a training designed out of a collection of 100 practical, effective and easily applicable tools which are taught during sessions and applied between sessions.

5th Step in the Process

To ensure application, each participant gets individual coaching between the sessions throughout the process.  Our professional coach works closely with the head trainer Helena Ståhl and coaches all participants individually between all sessions. In that way, we ensure that application takes place and also that the training will be “tailor-made” for each person’s needs by individual coaching.

6th Step in the Process

S&P invites immediate managers and management teams to attend the sessions to support their participants in the program.

7th Step in the Process

We regularly conduct follow-up meetings with HR and management to report back on application and results.

8th Step in the Process

Graduation with all key stakeholders invited, where every participant report back on their set goals and measurable results achieved.

9th Step in the Process

Evaluation with HR and Management, where we summarise ROI of this investment and possible follow-up plan.

Our well-used tools

Stahl & Partners has developed over 100 practical, effective and easily applicable tools. We design a program together with the client and teach approximately five tools at each session, and the participants then apply them in the workplace between sessions. We pride ourselves with an application rate of more than 75%, which means that more than 75% of all tools taught are applied in the participants workplace.

Here are some of the most applied tools:

Stahl & Partners tools

DAMA – Set measurable goals 

Stahl & Partners tools

 Client Need Assessment

Stahl & Partners tools

Motivate others to go to work

Stahl & Partners tools

Share "Best Practices” at work

Stahl & Partners tools

Develop High Performance Teams

Stahl & Partners tools

Check in with employees and clients

Stahl & Partners tools

 Improve emotional Intelligence

Stahl & Partners tools

Sell change and meet resistance

Stahl & Partners tools

Become a digital expert

Stahl & Partners tools

Count ROI on projects

Stahl & Partners tools

Time Management

Stahl & Partners tools

Secure application of taught tools 

Stahl & Partners tools

Measurable individual achievements presented

Stahl & Partners tools

Increase engagement