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Our training method is designed to create visible change and measurable results. We guarantee ROI and goal achievements for all our clients.

For example: 87.5% of all participants, regardless of training program, achieve their goals and apply all tools taught. 100% of all participants in our communication training “Present and Persuade” have excelled in their presentation skills, learned new structures and methods, and increased their self-confidence on stage.

The most important criteria for measuring success:

  • A proper need analysis
  • Overall measurable objective set by the client´s management/executive team
  • An established, valid and effective method (e.g. ROI)
  • A training process that lasts for at least 6 months
  • Individual measurable goals set by all participants
  • A training methodology that ensures application in the workplace
  • A follow-up process that secures application
  • A method that ensures that the overall objectives of the investment are reached within the deadline
  • Results documented and presented for top executives, management as well as participants