We are leading the development of our business

Quote: “Don't be a know-it-all, be a learn-it-all”. Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft


We measure the results of all training with the Return on Investment (ROI) method. This is the most effective way to ensure that a client’s investment results in targeted goals. We measure ROI on individual, team and company levels, and before, during and after training. A trainer must be licensed to use the ROI method. Helena Ståhl is one of only approximately 100 active and licensed ROI trainers in the world.
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Our training method is designed to create visible change and measurable results. We guarantee ROI and goal achievements for all our clients. For example: 87.5% of all participants, regardless of training program, achieve their goals and apply all tools taught. 100% of all participants in our communication training “Present and Persuade” have excelled in their presentation skills, learned new structures and methods, and increased their self-confidence on stage. 
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  • WE INCREASED THE ENGAGEMENT LEVEL IN OUR COMPANY by training the management team, and the red numbers turned green!
  • WE ARE BREAKING OUR SALES RECORDS and have increased revenues by 14%. 
  • WE STARTED TO MAKE A PROFIT already after six months of training.
  • ONE GOAL WAS TO INCREASE THE NUMBER OF NEW CLIENTS. The result was 7 new clients in 6 months.
  • WE HAVE INCREASED OUR PRODUCTIVITY by 13.4% compared to previous year’s budget.
  • OUR EMPLOYEE INDEX INCREASED BY 29% after 6 months training.
  • THERE IS AN IMPROVEMENT IN MEETING OUR GOALS, clarity and support from 80% to 96%.
  • THE ”EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION INDEX” HAS INCREASED BY 29%. There is a greater acceptance, a more relaxed attitude towards each other and a more open-minded atmosphere in the department.
  • I WORK 5 HOURS LESS every week, but with the same results as before.
  • I SPEND 20% MORE TIME WITH MY FAMILY and 15% more time with my friends, while still maintaining my results at work.
  • I EXERCISE REGULARLY and I have 25% more energy at work.
  • WE INCREASED OUR SALES RESULTS BY 15% during the first 6 months.
  • I HAVE SAVED 6M. SEK FOR MY COMPANY during 6 months.
  • ALREADY AFTER THREE MONTHS our new sales person made over 500 sales calls, gave more than 20 presentations, conducted several sales visits, submitted offers and closed several deals.
  • SALES HAVE INCREASED DRAMATICALLY during the past months. We have broken all previous sales records.
Anders Lundmark – Client reference

The pedagogy makes a difference

quoteTo achieve better results, we needed a work culture where our staff understood each other's differences and strengths, which would create a safer and more harmonious environment. Stahl& Partners created a concept called "The Me in the Team".

778 employees participated in the program and the result has been: Increased well-being and a better atmosphere, which has led to fewer absences, 0.5%. Absence due to illness has decreased, which has resulted in increased productivity. We have fewer conflicts related to people's differences.

The initiative was a success already after the first week. Our staff excitedly looked forward to participating, and it became the talk of the town in our company – which is really not common!

S&P has an engagement beyond the ordinary. They are committed to making a difference in our organization, with a follow-up that ensures development and results. The pedagogy is phenomenal! Because it makes such a difference, we continue our cooperation with S&P by also training our managers”.
Anders Lundmark, HR Manager Primary Products,
AB Sandvik Materials Technology