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People Sell to People
Sales Training

According to current knowledge about successful sales performance, factors such as geographic sales area, the product or service, or the sex and age of the salesperson do not matter. 

Education and background have no importance either, nor does the amount of working hours. In fact, the most successful salespeople work fewer hours per week than the least performing salespeople.

Services and products look more and more alike and the competition in the future will not be about products or services. The competitive edge will be the relationship that the sales representatives are able to develop with their clients, which will outdo all other relationships. In the end people sell to people.

Sales training program

Our sales training program “People Sell to People” is based on training salespeople in skills that will be in high demand in future,  such as the ability to develop trusting, long-lasting relationships with clients, that is to Teach, Tailor, and Take Control.

The participants set their own measurable sales goals before the training starts, and all sales results are followed up and measured during and after the training program.

Thus far, our sales program has not only reached set increased sales ROI, but also exceeded set ROI for our clients with at least 100%. That is, it has been profitable to invest in “People Sell to People”. All our participants show results through raised levels of new sales and increased business with new customers. 

The program extends over six months to allow time for developing new habits and applying new skills.


Multi-Health Systems Inc. conducted an international study with 1000 salespeople which showed that the sales type “Challenger” outdid all other types of sales people and is defined as:

The Challengers use their deep knowledge of the customer's business to challenge the customer's thinking. They are not afraid to share controversial views and are assertive with both customers and senior managers.

The Challengers are good at “reading” others and can adapt their message to different individuals. They have the ability to work in all economic climates and cultures because they have high adaptability. They are driven to add value for the customer, whether it is uncomfortable to themselves or not. They take control in a sales situation. They are not aggressive but they are assertive - i.e. they tell the truth without being insulting or annoying. Challengers challenge the way of doing things, they question things, and are always focused on the client’s objectives and how this can be achieved. At the end of the day, clients want a salesperson who contributes to effective solutions that bring the clients closer to their goals. They also want a salesperson who has something to teach them.”


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