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It is a challenge to invest in the right training that gives the outcome that you as a client are looking for. Here are some important questions to ask training consultants when you are buying training programs.


Can you measure the effect of your training? If so, how? Please give specific examples and references.

Can you show us, in detail, what a training day looks like?

How do we know that it will give us a solid return on investment?

Can you present a couple of tools you teach and specific examples of how participants use them, and with what effect?

Are your concept and tools global? Have they been tested in different cultures?

Can you work with digital tools such as smartphones, apps, platforms, active websites, etc.?

What is your application rate? Can you measure how many of the participants who apply what you teach them in their own workplace, and also with what effect?

Do you “walk the talk,” that is, do you use your own tools and in what ways has that increased your own success rate?

Describe your follow-up system and how you engage the rest of the organization in this training investment