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The business world’s Michelle Obama!

With her enthusiasm, dedication, and belief in the power of human change, she evokes the image of Michelle Obama: a strong role model and world citizen. In the same way, Helena Ståhl manages to balance professional life and family life.

Daring to go your own way and reject traditional norms is unusual in today's business world. The path to success can look different, as well as the way of measuring success. Would more entrepreneurs succeed if they dared to invest in their dreams, without regards to norms and unwritten rules?

Leadership development with guaranteed ROI and measurable goal fulfillment is exactly what Ståhl & Partners has been creating during their 20 years in business. Through deep commitment to their clients, the impossible becomes possible for both individuals and companies worldwide. All tools used in the training are unique to Ståhl & Partners, and tailored to each client’s specific needs. In general, 100% of the participants achieve their goals after having completed the self-designed 7-step process. The praise of the educational and engaging methods is endless.

Helena Ståhl, founder and trainer, talks about how S&P has succeeded by using a moral compass rather than conventional norms:

“When I started my company 20 years ago, I was thinking a lot about how to measure success. I wanted to make a difference for people around me - family, friends, and clients. I didn’t just want to be wealthy, famous or win awards. To succeed, I knew I had to live a life I enjoyed. So I decided to measure success through a work-life-balance method.”

And Helena did indeed succeed! “To break with conventions and simply define your own definition of success is a first step,” says Helena Ståhl, CEO of Ståhl & Partners.

Helena Stahl, ceo Stahl & Partners

The belief in human goodness and the ability to be straightforward and transparent is a guiding principle that characterizes the business. Customers experience it as a generosity beyond the ordinary, and an infinite desire to really change and make a difference. Helena is driven by a strong confidence in people’s ability to develop and improve, and this is the foundation of her business.

“I don't think one person can change everything, but everyone can do something for someone. If we all did this, our world would look different,” she concludes.

Helena Ståhl’s 8 steps to success:

  1. I've made sure to become really good at what I do. What I can do – I want to be the best at!
  2. In areas where I’m not an expert, I delegate to those who are.
  3. We are always one step ahead of our customers. I stay on top of research and trends. I travel extensively. I discuss with, learn from, and am inspired by the many people I meet.
  4. We dare to say no. We don’t accept just any assignment – only those from clients who are as committed to change and development as we are.
  5. We don’t monitor competitors - instead, we welcome collaboration and generously share our knowledge.
  6. I take care of our employees and give them assignments where they can grow and develop.
  7. We measure everything! A sign of our success is that our customers succeed - and can measure their success.
  8. My personal goal is not just profitability. I also want my daughters to be proud of me - as a human being.


“In my world, where competence is a clear competitive advantage, Helena Ståhl has ALWAYS shared her tools generously and without reservation. Her method is all about sharing knowledge and skills. That the future will be transparent, and that those who share wins and those who don’t loose, is striking for her way of thinking. Helena and S&P see the world differently: They aim for creating something good, one person and one company at a time. They do this by challenging their clients, with the purpose of bringing out their best - not by provoking them. They teach us to become ASSERTIVE.”
Maria Lagerstam, Nordic HR Director, McDonalds


“Ståhl & Partners combines a holistic view with clear and measurable CPIs and ROI so that we as clients can measure the outcome of our investment in training and development. I work all over Europe, so I know this is extremely unusual and very innovative! The different coaches from Ståhl & Partners add value in different ways, and Helena is 100% committed to every assignment without being pretentious or prestigious. Yet, she is an authority and role model that others want to work with, and for - a modern and progressive way to lead a company."
Michael Lugez, General Manager, BMS Sweden


“Ståhl & Partners is working in a new and innovative way, which I have never encountered in any of my previous positions in more traditional companies. Helena only recruits the best experts in their fields, and can thus take on large assignments that otherwise only giants in the market can do. When we were about to start working together, Helena said: 'Let’s make a business trip together to see if we feel comfortable with each other.’ What a brilliant way to recruit!”
Kerstin Wallentin, former head of communications at Systembolaget, who now works as a trainer at Ståhl & Partners

Facts about Ståhl & Partners:

  • Ståhl & Partners produces, sells and delivers tailored training for managers and key employees in companies worldwide: Executive Coaching, Lead Forward, People Sell to People, Present & Persuade.
  • Ståhl & Partners’ training process extends over time, and measures Return On Investment (ROI).
  • Our partnership with clients extends for and average of 4-5 years, with large companies such as Sandvik, NASDAQ, Nordic Choice, ICA, the Swedish Armed Forces and Roche.
  • Currently, S&P has clients in over 20 countries.


“Our mother has a great ability to quickly adjust and adapt whenever it’s needed. Now, with the current Covid-19 crisis, there is no talk of slowing down or putting on hold. Instead, she regroups and adapts to the new situation. She has, for example, converted all training programs into digital formats. She is developing new concepts that clients will need in the near future in order to resume and improve production, motivation and profitability.”
Hanna and Fanny, Helena Ståhl’s daughters


“When we trainers become involved with a new assignment, Helena has already been in contact with the client for a long time. She immediately understands her clients’ specific needs and innovatively creates a solution that neither the clients themselves nor any competitor can provide. Helena's ability to tailor a concept based on the client's needs is unique. "
Fredrik Dolk, actor, and Ståhl & Partners’ trainer


“The definition of innovation for me is to be one step ahead and Ståhl & Partners are always one step ahead! Helena is constantly developing the business model to fit the future market. For example, she developed a vlog to promote Ståhl & Partners instead of a traditional advertising campaign. She has a HUGE network of people of different ages, backgrounds, professions, and cultures. She is also a mentor to many young people and children, with a genuine interest in how young people think. Maybe that's why Helena doesn't age! "
Malin Persson, CEO of Adecco  


“Ståhl & Partners rejects everything that represents "traditional" business. Through close relationships and a modern approach, they create business solutions that feel almost impossible. Breaking into a male-dominated world and creating such a successful company demonstrates an extremely strong and innovative product, where customers become very satisfied and keep returning for further training. Helena is a strong and charismatic world citizen who fulfills, believe it or not, everything she promises. Helena breaks new ground and challenges the conventional corporate world."
Markus Lindqvist, Accounting Manager, Ståhl & Partners