We are leading the development of our business

This makes us unique

In a time of rapid change and increasing complexity, we stay on top of research and technology so that we can train leaders in skills that will be in demand tomorrow - and for jobs that may not yet have been invented.

We are a small company with a human centric approach, but with large and well renowned clients from all areas of business and all over the world. Many clients continue training with us regularly for years. 95 % of our clients are referrals, and we have never had an unsatisfied client during our 20 years in business.

To ensure that the training investment pays off, we always measure Return on Investment (ROI). Helena Ståhl is one of only 100 active licensed ROI trainers in the world. We guarantee ROI and goal achievement by 87,5% for all clients who follow our training method. (why specific number, 87,5%?)