Team Mission – – The Youth ProgramNumerous courses exist for teenagers, such as sports camps, language courses and art classes, but to our knowledge there are few courses that focus on motivation, self-esteem, confidence, self-conduct, attitude control, personal growth, and presentation skills for this particular group.

Four years ago, one of our satisfied clients said that she would happily pay for a course in self-confidence and personal growth for her two teenage daughters. “Why wait until 40 to learn all this I have learned from you? And imagine how much better the next generation of leaders would be”.

With this idea in mind, Ståhl+Partners asked teenagers in high school in the city of Helsingborg if they would be interested in these types of courses. We also made a need analysis to find out what the teenagers wanted to learn and improve. Overall, the teenagers’ wishes and needs were more or less the same as those of Swedish business leaders, except that the teenagers wished to learn more about study skills.

After completing the training, all students reported that their confidence and self-esteem has increased, their study skills have improved, their ability to present in front of groups has improved significantly and that their ability to work in, and lead, a group is much better than before. In addition, all students say they feel stronger, more positive and happier.


One of Ståhl+Partners’ goals is to be able to contribute to a ‘better society’. We believe that one of the best ways of doing this is to focus on young people – the next generation of leaders – and contribute our talents and expertise in a non-profit training context. There is a lot of emphasis today on changing one’s image and one’s ways. Perhaps this is based on the idea that we are not good enough as we are. We end up focusing our energy on changing ourselves, instead of identifying and taking advantage of our existing assets and making them flourish.

We want to contribute in developing the next generation of employees and managers by offering nonprofit training for teenagers currently in the second year (usually 17-18 years old) of secondary schools all over Sweden. Our goal is that after participating in the program the student will:

  • Have great self-esteem
  • Understand his/her own behavior
  • Understand which study techniques suit him/her best
  • Be a secure and confident public speaker
  • Work efficiently and take responsibility in a group
  • Know how to receive and give feedback in a constructive manner
  • Know how to solve problems independently
  • Know how to control his/her own stress and attitude
  • Understand what happens in a stressful situation and find ways to control it
  • Know how to take care of his/her body and health


We have developed a training concept geared towards teenagers using our most successful modules and tools.

The course consists of six days, with four days of training and two days of follow-up three months later, which makes the total training cycle about three months long.

During the first consecutive four days each participant meets with a personal coach, who also follows up with the participant three months later.

The ideal group size is 12-20 students. The students should be motivated to reach their objectives by participating in the program, and recommendations and support from teachers and the principal are strongly encouraged.


The program is developed based on the needs identified by students in secondary schools in Sweden in order to improve their self-esteem, academic performance and group work ability.

The students are provided with effective hands-on tools that will help each student to reach his/her goals. Each student meets with a personal coach for individual situation analysis.

The program extends over three months, ensuring development of new habits and application of new knowledge. Before, between and after the training sessions, each student meets with one of our professional coaches. All coaching is individual and adapted to the student’s specific needs and goals.


Helena Ståhl, our CEO is always the trainer responsible for all of our training concepts. This means that she is ultimately responsible for all of our clients’ training courses, and she is present at all training sessions.

Helena StåhlHelena Ståhl – trainer in leadership, team communication and personal development, as well as personal coach.

Malin Gutestam – trainer in study techniques, health and fitness, as well as project manager.Veronica Fransén – personal trainer in health and fitness.

Malin Gutestam and Veronica Fransén

Mirja Raukas – coach in values and value systems. Paul Anthony – personal adviser and stylist.

Mirja Raukas and Paul Anthony

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