We have developed over 100 unique tools. They are simple and effective.


When managers and employees attend a training program, they want to learn things that can be immediately implemented in their work and can guarantee positive results.

We have developed over 100 unique tools. They are simple and effective, and we guarantee that they can be applied in the workplace immediately after the training.

In evaluations, our participants say that they use all the tools we teach at least once in the workplace. 93.3% of them believe that the tools had a ‘huge’ impact on the visible and measurable results they achieved as a result of participating in our programs.

WHEN WE DEVELOP A NEW TOOL, it must meet the following requirements:

  • The tool must be requested and needed by those who participate in our programs.
  • It must be easy to apply in the workplace.
  • It must fit on a size A4 sheet.
  • It must be tested and evaluated by S+P's partners and client groups.
  • It must be updated continually based on changes or requests.
  • It must create concrete results.
  • It will be used by S+P's partners, and it must be able to "walk the talk".

EVERY TRAINING SESSION introduces a new set of tools to practice. Then, each participant commits to apply the tools in their daily lives – in accordance with their overall goals - until the next training session. The participants then also teach the tools to their employees and colleagues.

At the next training session, each participant reports on the application of the tools and which results they have achieved. Examples of tools:

  • Results oriented meetings
  • Provide third party feed-back
  • Personal situation analysis
  • Identify motivators
  • Promote a product or service

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