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On which group should a company focus to reach the optimal sales result? There are three obvious groups: the top salespeople that are experienced, successful and want to advance; the inexperienced and average employees, and the sales managers who both sell themselves as well as manage other salespeople. On whichever group a company focuses, one can easily measure the investment in sales training through enhanced sales activities and sales results for each of the three groups.

Our participants show a raised level of concrete activity, more completed transactions and greater than planned business with multiple new customers.


The top salespeople need stimulation to stay motivated and increase their sales level. The inexperienced and average salespeople need training to increase their level of activity and to increase sales. The salespeople in a management position can, given the right stimulation, influence and motivate other employees in sales positions, and, as a result of this, they have the greatest impact on the company’s sales result.

The goal is to develop the salespeople’s ability to establish good and long-lasting relationships with their customers and thereby increase sales. All activities and results, during and after the training program, are measured to show the effect of the training.


The maximum number of participants in each group is twelve. The group is assembled based on recommendations from Helena Ståhl, the HR department and the potential participants’ managers. Before the training program starts, each participant undergoes an individual needs analysis. The purpose is to determine if the proposed participant qualifies for the program, has a sufficiently high level of motivation and if appropriate target areas can be identified for training.


The program extends over six months in order to ensure the development of new habits and to ensure the application of new knowledge. Before the training starts, participants set measurable goals, both for themselves and for the impact their participation will have on sales results.

The quality of the results in this kind of training process is highly influenced by the level of active support the participant receives from his/her immediate supervisor. The training is hands-on, and in each session the participants actively practice new sales tools. Between sessions, they apply what they have learned and report back on completed sales activities and achieved results. Everything is measured and evaluated.


A team of 5 to 7 partners work with the leadership programs.

Helena StåhlHelena Ståhl has herself worked as a saleswoman for over 25 years, and has frequently been awarded Top Salesperson. Helena has also been nominated Business Woman of the Year twice in the past four years.


“Sales have increased significantly over the last few months, all sales records have been broken and our sales coaches have improved tremendously.

This exceptional training program was conducted with great professionalism. With her energy, enthusiasm and ability to set clear measurable goals and follow up tasks, Helena Ståhl is unique as a trainer. She also has the ability to inspire and build trust.

What makes the program one-of-a-kind is that all participants are provided with unique tools that can easily be applied to their everyday work situation. Helena's partner Fredrik Dolk was a much appreciated contributor, and trained the participants in managing difficult situations.

Ståhl + Partners has initiated a massive development process, which helped me as CEO in recruiting a successor and a new VP of sales. The training gave me as CEO a very good understanding of each individual's development curve, and provided a valuable foundation for the new sales manager.

The investment has been very successful and we have chosen to continue to work with Ståhl+Partners at a higher management level."

MARIE NYGREN, former CEO Adara, presently Vice President, SystembolagetMARIE NYGREN, former CEO Adara, presently Vice President, Systembolaget

Fredrik Dolk
Fredrik Dolk has 25 years’ experience as an actor, and has worked with Ståhl + Partners for more than seven years. Frederik simulates various sales situations in role plays with the participants. They both receive a 97% rating for their commitment and competence by our participants.

MULTI HEALTH SYSTEMS INC. surveyed 1,000 of their salespeople in four countries in different parts of the world to find the success factors for the sellers who consistently succeeded best. Of 15 possible factors, five qualities stood out as success factors. When the survey was presented, many "truths" about what a seller needs/must have to succeed were found to be wrong.

The geographic area the seller was responsible for had no significance, nor had gender or age. Training or background did not matter, nor did the number of work hours. The probability of success was 2.7 times higher with those sellers who rated highest in the five qualities that were identified.

It fact, of the 262 salespeople who rated high in these five qualities, 95% reached or exceeded their sales targets. The five factors were all associated with high emotional intelligence and the ability to develop good relationships.

Source: Kandidata

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