The most valued quality today, according to many studies, is good communication skillsPRESENTATION AND COMMUNICATION TRAINING

The most valued quality today, according to many studies, is good communication skills. There are thousands of training courses on this topic, but our concept is unique. It was developed by Helena Ståhl 17 years ago and has been implemented worldwide.

Evaluations show that participants experience a 100% increase in the power of their presentations after training with us. After completing the course, the participants will be able to manage multiple presentation contexts with better results. The presentations will be shorter and more focused, and will have higher impact and influence on decisions.


The participants will be able to master the most recurring everyday presentation contexts by learning how to prepare more efficiently, present with guaranteed successful methods, and to evaluate the effect of the presentation afterwards. These are the three most crucial elements of a successful presentation, but most speakers lack methods to master them.


Två sammanhängande dagar med 8-12 deltagare i varje grupp. Man kan ha mycket eller lite erfarenhet av att presentera men bästa effekt får man om man är någorlunda homogen som grupp.


We always provide two coaches who train simultaneously. Each participant will prepare, train and implement eight different videotaped presentations. They receive INDIVIDUAL feedback with one of the coaches after each presentation. The participants will have access to eight different presentation structures, for example: to inform, to motivate, to promote a change and to promote concepts or ideas.

I want to make a DIFFERENCE! It should be clearly noticeable that the participants have been on a journey with us, on several levels. When they are back in their reality, they are equipped with new tools that can be directly applied to the challenges that lie ahead of them. Personally, I have become more reflective and responsive during the years. I have worked for S+P, and also gained much knowledge of terms and conditions in other professions and industries. This, in turn, I have been able to take with me into my acting on the stage and in movies.”


Helena StåhlHelena Ståhl has coached over a quarter of a million presentations throughout the world and has developed 16 different methods for different presentation contexts that work anywhere.


We are a market leader in almost all countries in the world, have great products and an extremely well-known "brand name". We know how valuable our employees are to us. With the right skills, attitude and self-confidence, every employee can “sell” Nokia as well as any advertising campaign. The employees all expressed a need to develop their ability to promote themselves and the Nokia products - regardless of their position in the company. Therefore, we decided that all employees and the district managers would be offered the opportunity to participate in a training program that would improve their presentation skills and strengthen their self-confidence.

So far, 100 employees, which is almost all of us, have participated in the training, and the initiative has been met with great enthusiasm and 100% positive feedback. By improving their self-confidence, our employees have also improved their ability to take initiative and manage challenging situations.”

KENNETH JÖNSSO former General Manager, Nokia ScandinaviaKENNETH JÖNSSON former CEO, Nokia Scandinavia

Fredrik Dolk
Fredrik Dolk has 25 years’ experience as an actor, and has worked with Ståhl+Partners for more than seven years.

They both receive a 97% rating for their commitment and competence by our participants.


When employers recruit students with international experience, it is not the foreign experience in itself that is the most attractive. Of all the qualities and skills they may have gained abroad, the highest rated (57%) is communication skills. In 10-15 years, this will be considered the most important quality in recruiting.

The second most important quality is intercultural skills (called CQ - cultural intelligence).

Source: SvD 2011, survey conducted by IPK and Svenskt Näringsliv (Swedish Enterprise).

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