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Helena StåhlHelena Ståhl has 24 years of experience in training and development. She is the CEO and head trainer of Ståhl+Partners. The key to her success is her competence, her talent to understand her clients’ needs, and her capacity to deliver solutions in a clear and comprehensive way.

Her enthusiasm and ability to create positive energy, attitude and atmosphere, has also made her an attractive employer.

Her degrees in Marketing and Journalism, 8 years abroad and 25 years as a manager, of which 24 in leadership training, has made her a trusted and well-known name in the industry.

In 2007 and 2010, her trainers and customers nominated her for the “Beautiful Business Award”.

Agneta BaronAgneta Baron is a highly accomplished leader with 22 years of extensive management experience in both industry and athletics.

Agneta worked for Hewlett-Packard for 24 years where she held various leadership positions in administration and sales, and was a member of HP’s Swedish management team for 7 years.

With her 8 years as a member of the Swedish national swimming team, Agneta also has a solid athletic background.

She holds a Bachelor's degree in International Economics from the University of California, Berkeley, USA, and is a certified ICF Coach.

Agneta currently works as a coach and mentor for individuals, executives and management teams.

Fredrik DolkFredrik Dolk was employed by the Swedish Dramatic Theatre after graduating from the Swedish Theatre Academy. Additionally, Frederik has worked for the Gothenburg and Helsingborg City Theatres.

Frederik has appeared in more than 40 movies and TV shows. Today he works as an actor and has frequent engagements in the corporate world.

Frederik co-owns a company and a sits on the Board of another. With one foot in acting and the other in the business world, he has a very wide-ranging and unique competence.

Agneta BaronMalin Gutestam was educated as an Upper Secondary School teacher, has lived in New Zealand and has developed educational concepts for children and teenagers.

For the past 13 years, Malin has specialized in efficient methods for teaching and learning. She has published educational literature on the subject of learning, study technique and cognitive function.

Malin is presently working towards an online degree in Neuroscience in Leadership from a University in the UK.

Henrik LindgrenHenrik Lindgren has an MBA with a concentration in international marketing. He was employed as a sales, marketing and executive director of Swedish and international companies before he and Patrick Baldemark founded the company Globe Business Training in 1996.

Henrik and Patrik work together as a team, and they are highly appreciated for their impressive professional knowledge of the business world and the ability to transfer that knowledge to others.

Magnus LindkvistMagnus Lindkvist works as a trend analyst. He holds an MBA from the Swedish School of Economics and a BA in Film from UCLA in California, which enables him to combine concrete business knowledge with imagination. He previously worked as a branding strategist for the consulting firm Differ and the advertising agency Grow Partners.

Today, Magnus combines long-term assignments in brand and business development for large corporations, such as Lantmännen, and smaller entrepreneurial companies, such as Optimus, by giving lectures on the topic "Trends and global development.

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Martin FranssonMartin Fransson is a certified chiropractor and a certified communicologist. He has been working as a chiropractor since 1996. Martin also specializes in brain functions and how individuals can maximize their potential.

Martin works with a unique form of training that focuses on stress as a resource, and he is a frequent guest speaker on the topic “Stress as a Resource or Handicap for Communication and Change".

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Mirja Raukas LindMirja Raukas Lind holds a Master’s in Business Administration with a core competence in strategic HR, succession planning and long-term leadership development. What makes Mirja unique is that she can rely on a wide range of experience: HR manager, consultant and operational managerial positions.

Mirja works with simple and effective tools to develop leadership profiles, identify future leaders and support companies to develop their leadership to desired levels. Mirja has 18 years experience, of which 13 in leading positions. She has worked for Unilever, both as HR manager and in operations within marketing and finance.

Pamela CollinPamela Collin is a journalist and author, as well as a PR consultant. She has worked for SAS for several years, first as a reporter for the in-house magazine “Inside SAS”, later as PR and Press Manager.

Pamela now runs her own company, Pamela Collin Communications, which specializes in journalism, PR and communications. She also provides companies with strategic planning and solutions for critical situations.

In 2008 Pamela published her book “Leading Personalities – 12 famous people about leadership” (Uppsala Publishing House).

Patrik BaldemarkPatrik Baldemark is a civil engineer specialized in logistics with a degree from Chalmers University of Technology. He held positions as sales manager, marketing manager and logistics manager for Swedish and international companies before he and Henrik Lindgren founded the company Globe Plus Consulting & Training.

He trains companies in financial understanding and value-based sales in order to achieve better margins and customer satisfaction. He also conducts workshops in the field of Business Mapping. Patrik and Henrik Lindgren work together as a team, and they are highly appreciated for their impressive professional knowlede of the business world and their ability to transfer that knowledge to others.

Paul AnthonyPaul Anthony grew up in the USA. He comes from a large family where everyone, in one way or another, worked with fashion. In his early 20s he worked on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills as an assistant to the world’s first “personal shopper”. Today there is a great demand for this service and it continues to grow.

Paul Anthony’s unique talent for ”reading” each client and finding his/her ultimate ”working wardrobe” in combination with his extensive experience makes him a real pro and specialist in the business. He gives courses and lectures in “how to sell and provide service.” He also organizes corporate events in personal shopping and fencing. ”Always at your service!”

Veronika FransénVeronica Fransén has a B.A in social work and is a ICF licensed coach. She has worked with team and leadership development for the past 20 years. She is also a certified user of Extended Disc which is used in staff groups and coaching.

Veronica is also a personal trainer, group instructor and masseuse. Her specialty is in the area of physical health and fitness, as well as service and good customer relations. Her focus lies in finding a good balance between leadership

Yvonne LebenbergYvonne Lebenberg is a licensed vocologist and speech therapist, and also holds a diploma in logonomy. Yvonne’s strength is her broad competence and her creative and unique hands-on pedagogical methods of teaching individuals and teams. The desired goal always sets the tone for the teaching method used in specific cases.

Some examples of Yvonne Lebenberg Voice Speech Identity’s clients are TV 4, the Swedish Foreign Ministry, the Swedish Government, the Swedish Public Prosecutor, the Board of Trade, Ericsson, H&M, SEB, Fastighetsbyrån (Sweden’s largest real estate company), the Ministry of Industry and the Swedish Bar Association.

Yvonne is also frequently hired by private individuals. Additionally, Yvonne gives inspiring lectures and workshops. Read more:


Miranda SorgenteMiranda Sorgente is a well known speaker and author in Italy.

Miranda is the founder and coordinator of the Love Management method. Her company helps to achieve more concrete and measurable results through the method which partly is about leading with the heart.

Miranda is a economics graduate and has work with both national and international clients such as Fiats SAVA, Huga Boss Women, Siemens and Citibank.

Miranda has published two books in Italy and is considered to be an expert in Love Management. She is therefore often a guest in Italien radio and teve channels. Miranda also holds bid seminars in the subject.

Love Management focuses on a humanitarian leadership. Miranda therefore combines activities such as yoga and meditation with her training and in her coaching.

Paul SchererPaul Scherer is American, has 25 years of experience in business, and is currently Vice President of a consulting firm. Formerly, he held a seven year position with IBM as the leader of a national division in the U.S. with a thousand employees.

Paul is also a trained personal coach, and focuses on helping others in the business industry to achieve both professional and personal goals.

In addition, he is a professional pianist and musician, and has produced several CDs with his own music.

Paul successfully combines the business industry with personal coaching and music. He has an amazing talent to lead others and is well-respected for his leadership, which he also teaches to others. Paul Scherer works from Chicago. More info: Paul Scherer arbetar från Chicago.

T.K. WongT.K. Wong is a certified accountant, and a senior trainer in leadership, coaching, sales training, negotiation and presentation skills. He is our partner in Asia, based in Hong Kong.

He has extensive experience in banking, finance and accounting, and has worked in various leadership positions for a number of international companies in Asia. He is an expert in re-engineering and change management, and has helped numerous companies in Thailand, Taiwan, India, Philippines and China to implement changes.

One of his current projects is to support multiple businesses with their leadership development and change. T.K. Wong is a respected and successful businessman in Hong Kong and speaks Mandarin, Cantonese and English fluently.

T.K. Wong is also a licensed Events and Adventure leader, who recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. He just launched his own project to support talented students in Chinese schools with their development and expertise in the business world. T.K. Wong works from Hong Kong.

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