We are licensed in several testing methods and measuring tools


What distinguish Ståhl+Partners from other companies in our business are our self-developed tools and methods. They have been developed over 20 years, and have been tested on thousands of satisfied clients with excellent results. The methods and tools are easily applied in everyday-life and provide concrete and measurable results. We are licensed in several testing methods and measuring tools that we apply according to our clients’ needs and the nature of each individual situation.



ROI™ (Return on Investment) was developed by Dr. Jack J. Phillips in the 1970s, was tested and evaluated during the 1980s, and was implemented globally during the 1990s. www.roiinstitute.net. Today the method is being used by more than 3,000 companies, of which 2,000 are licensed by the ROI Institute. Each year approximately 5,000 ROI measurements are performed.

Helena Ståhl at Ståhl+Partners has been licensed in the ROI method since 1998 and she uses it in most of her training programs. She is one of very few trainers in Sweden who regularly uses the ROI method and its five levels of measurement with her clients.


The method Interpersonal Dynamics Inventory (IDI) measures and evaluates the impression an individual makes on others. It’s a way to describe and analyze how others perceive a person’s behavior, as well as to measure how well a person can successfully adjust to different situations. IDI is a behavioral test that was developed in 1975 and today it has more than one million tests in its database. IDI measures how one perceives oneself, and also how others perceive one’s behavior. .

What makes IDI unique is that it is the only test that also measures one’s ability to adjust short-term to a situation or an individual. The ability to adjust can be trained and improved, and is crucial to successful leadership. S+P's Helena Ståhl has been licensed in the IDI method since 2004.

Our efficient tools create results


EQ-i is the first scientifically validated test that measures emotional intelligence. EQ-i measures a type of talent that is not covered by other tests. Extensive research in several countries shows that emotional intelligence is a crucial factor for personal as well as professional success. Regardless of our traditional talents, education and experience, our ability to relate to ourselves and others is a determining factor for personal and professional success. Helena Ståhl and Mirja Raukas Lind have been licensed in EQ-i since 2008.


CQ-i is a person's capability to work and lead in a culturally diverse environment, whether it is in the person’s home country or in another country. 75% of managers on assignment in foreign countries will not reach set targets. Meanwhile, global business will account for over 80% in 2023, and today it is 23% of all transactions. A high IQ and even a high EQ is not enough to succeed as a leader in multicultural environments. You also need to be able to speak at least two languages fluently, having lived and worked in other countries AND have a high cultural intelligence – which can be developed with right tools and methods. Helena Ståhl is one of two CQ-i licensed instructors in Europe.


Lüscher’s personality test is based on CG Ljung’s psychology, and has been used with great success for over fifty years. The test reveals conscious and subconscious needs, aspirations, hopes, demands, fears, shortcomings, disappointments and how someone reacts to inner conflicts and tension. Lüscher’s color test is the fastest and most accurate way to describe a person and his/her behavior, defense mechanism and means of compensation. The test is also linked to a theory of how human beings balance themselves. Instruction booklet and color cards are included in the training. Helena Palm has been licensed in Lüscher’s Personality Test since 2006.


HAS (Hogan Assessment Systems) consists of three different personality tests that measure an individual’s basic personality, derailment tendencies and driving forces. The three tests are:
Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI)
Hogan Descriptive Scales (HDS)
Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI)
The various tests are based on over 400 recent studies of human behavior, motivation and performance in a modern working environment. HAS has a unique holistic approach to personality and behavior in the work place.

The Nordic versions have evolved over the past five years in collaboration between Assessio and Hogan. HAS has been tested by the Foundation for Applied Psychology. The HAS assessment can also be combined with an aptitude test. Johan Blad is licensed in HAS by Assessio.

SHL 360°

SHL is a world leader in objective selection methods and evaluation methods. SHL has serviced the Swedish market since 1988. SHL’s 360° instrument enables the individual to be evaluated by managers, colleagues and employees. The purpose with 360° is to give an individual insight in how he/she is perceived by others in the company. The 360° instrument is used to support and promote individual growth, team growth and competence analysis. Our trainer Johan Blad is licensed in SHL 360°.


BelBin's method for various group behaviors (BelBin Team Inventory) was developed by Dr. Raymond Meredith Belbin and was first published in his book Management Teams (1981). It is a method used to gain insight into an individual's behavioral tendency in a team environment. Belbin identified nine team types, and with BelBin's Team Inventory an individual gets a score for each of the roles. The roles where the person scores high are the ones that define his/her natural inclination within a team. BelBin Svenska AB represents Belbin Associates in Swede

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