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Each company has its key employees. They may hold middle management positions. They are important and ambitious, but do not always receive the stimulation and encouragement they need in order to grow and develop. These key employees are valuable to the company, and may have a significantly positive impact on its result. They are today’s and tomorrow’s leaders, and need stimulation and opportunity to develop.

Seven years ago, Ståhl+Partners developed a leadership program on commission from one of our customers. The objective of the concept was to learn how to identify and develop future leaders, make use of existing leader resources, and create an internal and external network for the company. Since then, we have further developed the program and the content, and today we have a well-proven and successful process that guarantees results. So far, more than 300 managers have participated in the program.

80% of the participants reach their goals for employee development. They improve their strategic planning ability by 40%. They improve their time management by 100%, and they experience that Ståhl+Partner’s tools have a "great" or "huge" impact on their positive results.


The purpose is to develop future leaders by identifying a company’s key employees and develop, encourage and support their leadership.

The training is carried out internally in the company. The goal is to achieve a powerful accelerating effect by coaching and developing new leaders, so that they can use their leadership positions to teach the new knowledge and methods to their colleagues, employees and clients to, in turn, develop their ability to improve and motivate others around them. It simply becomes a positive synergistic effect in each manager’s department, team or group.


The training runs for six to twelve months. Eligible participants need to have formal leadership responsibilities, either as manager or team leader. Before the training program starts, an individual analysis of needs is done with each participant in order to identify needs, goals and benchmarks so that the outcome can be measured in concrete results.


The training program is based on the criteria our customers identify in order for a key employee to become a successful leader and guiding light for the company. The participant’s ability to adapt his or her leadingstyle to the need, situation or individual, strongly contributes to a positive result. As an aid, the participant is provided with efficient hands-on tools that later can be shared with other employees in the work team. This creates a positive synergistic effect in each manager’s department, team or group.

The objective is to achieve a simultaneous effect by guiding and developing new leaders, allowing them to apply the new methods and knowledge in their workplace, which in turn develops employees, colleagues and customers around them.

All participants have a personal coach who follows up the training results between the sessions. The program extends over six to twelve months, ensuring development of new habits and application of new knowledge. Before, between and after the training sessions, each participant meets with one of our professional coaches. All coaching is individual, and adapted to the participants’ specific needs and goals.


A team of 5 to 7 of our trainers and coaches work with the leadership program.

Helena StåhlHelena Ståhl has been managing and developing Ståhl+Partners since 2000. The company has had a steady annual revenue increase of 30% and works globally with customers in 25 countries. Helena has been nominated Business Woman of the Year twice in four years and is in high demand both as an employer and an educator.

Johan BladJohan Blad and Helena Palm are certified coaches. They coach individuals and groups all over the world..

Helena Palm


We have recommended Ståhl+Partners to our subsidiaries within SAS Institute International because of S+P's exceptional ability to develop and train our managers to reach goals.

My objective was to train all leaders in the company in order to obtain a common understanding of leadership, develop better teamwork between departments, to be able to offer attractive career paths in an overheated market and to be able to delegate and hand over responsibility to future leaders. This would in turn result in even greater revenue for our company. All goals have now been achieved. "

Liselotte Jansson, former CEO, SAS InstituteLISELOTTE JANSSON, former CEO,SAS Institute. Voted ”Best place to work” in Sweden 2007 (start of the training with S+P), 2008, 2009, 2010

Malin Gutestam
Malin Gutestam
has degrees in pedagogy and teaching, and specializes in leadership and brain function.


Fredrik Dolk
Fredrik Dolk
has been an actor for 25 years, and also teaches presentation technique and public speaking.

Patrik Baldermark, a civil engineer with a concentration in logistics, and Henrik Lundgren, a civil engineer with a concentration in international marketing, train companies in financial understanding and value based sales in order to achieve better margins and customer satisfaction.

Patrik BaldermarkHenrik Lindgren

Stock value of a company that represented good leadership increased by over 900% over a ten year period, while companies that had a lack of good leadership only saw an (in) increase in stock price of 74% during the same period.

Source: Andersen Consulting's Institute for Strategic Change, 2010

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