In order to work with the ROI method, one needs to be licensed (ROI certification).HOW WE MEASURE RESULTS

There is little doubt that there are strong and clear correlations between profitability, dedicated employees and effective leaders. It is possible to measure each of these conditions. The method "Return on Investment" (ROI) is one of the most effective ways that a management, together with the HR/educational departments can ensure that the investment a company makes in training provides the targeted return.

In order to work with the ROI method, one needs to be licensed (ROI certification). Helena Ståhl was licensed in 1998, and has since then been actively working with the ROI method and has developed measurement methods for S+P's customers.


The ROI process™ was developed by Dr. Jack J. Phillips in the 1970sThe ROI process™ was developed by Dr. Jack J. Phillips in the 1970s, was tested and evaluated during the 1980s, and was implemented globally during the 1990s. The first country outside the United States to use the process was South Africa in 1992, and today the process is being used in 44 countries. 16 books have been written on the ROI process topic ( in 28 different languages, many of which have received awards. Today the method is being used by more than 3,000 companies, of which 2,000 are licensed by the ROI Institute.

Each year approximately 5,000 ROI measurements are performed. Return on Investment can measure five different levels:

  • Satisfaction with the training program
  • Application
  • ”Soft” effects of application
  • Effect of results
  • Financial outcome


The most important parameters for measuring success are to have:

  • An established, valid and effective method (e.g. ROI)
  • A proper needs analysis
  • A training process that lasts for at least 6 months
  • Measurable goals for the training, defined by the client's management and the training consultant
  • Individual measurable and specific goals set by all participants
  • Developed standards that are relevant based on the overall goals set by management
  • A training methodology that ensures application in everyday life
  • A follow-up process that ensures application, and that results are obtained, compiled and reported continuously
  • A follow-up process that ensures that the overall objectives of the investment are reached within the deadline

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