When a company is about to enter into partnership with Ståhl+Partners, it is important to understand what we do and what distinguishes us from other training consultants. If the company simply wants to "send" someone on a course, we are not the best partner to choose.



OUR CLIENTS REDUCE STAFF TURNOVER, costs, overhead costs and working hours AND INCREASE EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION, confidence in their leadership, their new client portfolio and profitability.

(we are happy to provide examples of concrete results upon request))

We are a Global Company




PAUL BROWN – former CEO, Roche

MARIE NYGREN – Vice President, Systembolaget

Quality Hotel™ is one of the largest hotel chains in the Nordics, with over 60 conference and family hotels spread across Norway, Sweden and Denmark. All hotels are certified according to the international environmental standard ISO 14001. Quality Hotel is a part of Nordic Choice Hotels and markets the restaurant chain Brasserie X.


“One of our goals is to become the best workplace in the Nordic countries. Ståhl+Partners has introduced new work methods and a new approach, and suggested that we should work with “future teams”, i. e. let our hotel employees, along with S+P, develop tools and methods that do not yet exist, and that would make us even more attractive as an employer. The result was a new and fully functioning mobile app for internal information, developed by our employees. Additionally, we developed a program for introducing newly hired employees with the help of an informative and entertaining computer game.

S+P shows an incredible commitment to our success. They quickly understand our organization, succeed in areas that are not yet “invented”, and gain trust on all levels. They are unpretentious, incredibly competent, and transparent with their skills. S+P is a progressive partner with whom we choose to continue working by introducing the “Train the trainer” process in all our hotels.”
SUSANNA STÅHL, Director of Operation Nordic Choice Hotels - Quality



Michelle Carinci  CEO Lottotech, Mauritius

Stahl + Partners and Helena Stahl entered the lives of the Lottotech team members as well as my life in Mauritius when we needed to stop and reflect on our purpose and who we are as individuals and collectively. The impact of the first general session with the team which focused on ”Daring to be the best you can be" was extremely well received by all, so much so that we have asked Helena to return numerous times and we are very grateful that she did.

We have after that worked with Helena and all team leaders as well as the management team. I believe that her authenticity, values, compassion and excellent communication skills are the key reasons the Lottotech team responded so positively during all training sessions. Helena earns trust which is the underpinning of every meaningful relationship. As a result the Lottotech team knows each other better and has learned to appreciate and respect our similarities and differences. Stahl + Partners are global and can evidently adapt to all different kinds of cultures around the world. That is one among other skills that makes them and Helena so successful. MICHELLE CARINCI, VD Lottotech Ltd

Lottoteach Ltd was granted the license to operate “Loterie Nationale” on 16 April 2009 by the State Investment Corporation (SIC) in Mauritius. Lottotech is a member of the World Lottery Association (WLA) enhancing our high ethical standards and good governance. The WLA, the global authority of the lottery business represents the interest of 140 lotteries over more than 80 countries.



Nasdaq OMX Group, based in New York City, is one of the world's largest publicly traded companies. Nasdaq operates, among other, the Swedish stock exchange, and bought the Swedish stock exchange company OMX AB in 2008. The company has over 3,500 listed companies, to which it delivers trading, exchange technology, and services on six continents.

SUSANNE BRAGÈE We are known for our professional skills, and we know how important it is to effectively communicate our skills in order to satisfy both our customers and employees. Therefore, we chose to have Ståhl + Partners coach one of our managers for 8 months in becoming an even better communicator. We were so impressed with the result that we have chosen to continue working with S+P and train other managers in effective presentation skills. We have received the exact results we were looking for, training that produces concrete results, and we are therefore continuing our partnership with Ståhl + Partners AB.SUSANNE BRAGÈE, Vice President. Global Head of HR Business Partners Nasdaq




A big and important task in 2014 was to introduce a set of common values for the entire company. It would require a significant effort to effectively implement this to all managers and employees in every department within the entire organization.

We were looking for a talented and professional coach with experience and proven success coaching different types of senior executives in different positions, and who could accomplish the task with a long-term focus. The evaluations show successful results that exceed our expectations. Helena Ståhl, Ståhl + Partners’ CEO, has been instrumental to our success. Helena has a very good ability to adapt to our business, and at the same time push and challenge us to perform even better than we thought possible. We are very happy with her and Ståhl + Partners’ efforts, and we have renewed the contract and will continue working together. LINDA ÖBERG, SR Mngr International Communications ICA Gruppen

ICA Gruppen AB is one of the Nordic region’s leading retail companies, and focuses on food and health. In 2014, ICA Gruppen AB had net sales of approximately 87 billion SEK, and more than 19,000 employees. ICA employs approximately 50,000 people throughout its corporate offices and its retail stores.


The Swedish Armed Forces is assigned tasks and reports to the government/parliament. Its duty includes everything from acting in war situations to guarding the royal palaces and organizing summer activities for youth. The former Director General participated in training with Ståhl + Partners.

  If you wish to embark on a journey to become a more proficient presenter and lecturer, there is no better travel companion than Ståhl + Partners. In my position as Director General of the Swedish Armed Forces, I needed to be able to communicate new changes within the Army on all levels, for all types of audiences, and in different languages. Although experienced in giving presentations, I wanted to further improve my skills of preparing for a presentation, as well as ensure that my message would have the greatest possible impact. Therefore, I was looking for a reputable consultant who had documented and solid experience in providing an organization's management with support in these areas.

Helena Ståhl and Ståhl + Partners provide professional support based on their own experiences. They do it with high ambition, clear expectations, and in a no-nonsense manner but yet with a twinkle in the eye. Today I’m a better prepared speaker with a message that is clear and easy to understand. I'm more dedicated and personal. I have simply become a more effective communicator with the help of concrete, effective tools, and I have realized that you can have great fun on the journey getting there.
ULF BENGTSSON, Former Director General, of the Swedish armed forces




Our work with S + P has resulted in a great boost for ToFindOut's overall business. Although it may sound a bit cliché, I realized during the coaching process that you can never be perfect. Renewal is essential.
My goal was to become a better speaker, and to be able to present my message in a clear and well-understood manner. This, in turn, would lead to increased business and revenue for our company.
With the help of S + P's unique and brilliant coaching, I am on track to reach my goal. The coaching resulted in a completely new way of thinking about my presentations and meetings, and positive results immediately followed.
I have gained increased self-confidence and a solid foundation for conducting new client meetings and presentations. I, as well as the entire company, have come a long way towards reaching our goals, and therefore I wholeheartedly recommend Ståhl + Partners.


ToFindOut is founded, owned and operated by professionals from the HR and Recruiting industries. The company’s motto is "It's better to know", and its mission is to assure quality in the recruitment process. By providing clients with access to relevant information and facts, they can more easily make decisions and informed choices.


ProfficeProffice is one of the Nordic Countries’ largest staffing companies with over 10,000 employees. Proffice has teamed up with S+P for three years to train all its managers to achieve defined goals and develop a leadership culture that attracts the best employees in the industry.

  Lars Kry, CEO Proffice In order to attract the best employees, a company needs to have the best leaders. When we decided to invest in our leadership, we chose Ståhl+Partners as consultants because they have unique tools, have a proven track-record of creating a change in behavior, and can measure tangible results.

Although we are still in the midst of the process, we have already received a very positive outcome in our most recent employee survey. S+P has exceeded our expectations and we also notice a synergistic effect in that they teach our managers to teach others. Our goal with the investment is to have the best leaders in the industry, to increase our number of customer visits and number of contracted consultants while reducing our staff turnover."
LARS KRY, CEO, Proffice



  Anna Sand, f.d. Learning & Development Manager, Mölnycke Healthcare When we initiated GLDP (Global Leadership Developmental Program), the goal was to develop the leadership within the company around the world, and to ensure that we develop and retain our key employees in the future. The program was developed based on a number of interviews with top management.

Ståhl+Partners supports our internal development process by both structuring and providing training for our managers from around the world. S+P delivers what they promise, are deeply committed to their clients and show great understanding for the organisations they work with. They are energetic, flexible and perceptive to their clients’ needs. This is why we are highly satisfied to work with S+P.

S+P has also affected how we measure the effectiveness of other internal development efforts. We now have a structured development process in place which ensures that we reach our goals. We have already started the third global training program with S+P and are now thinking about continuing with a fourth."
ANNA SAND, former Learning & Development Manager, Mölnycke Healthcare

Mölnlycke Mölnlycke Health Care is a leading manufacturer of disposable products and service solutions for surgical and wound care in the professional health sector. For several years, Mölnlycke has been implementing Ståhl+Partners’ tailored management training for its managers around the world.



Systembolaget Systembolaget is a retail business that sells alcoholic beverages, but with social responsibility as a clear motivation. Systembolaget’s monopoly on the sale of wine and liquor ensures that the sale of alcohol is carried out without a profit motive or upselling. Systembolaget has identified key employees within their organisation and is preparing them to become today's and tomorrow's leaders through training with Ståhl+Partners.

  MIKAEL WALLTEG, Vice President, Systembolaget We wanted to take greater responsibility in developing already established managers to become better, stronger, more energetic and confident, and with a better balance between work and leisure.

I've experienced a lot of training in my years as a leader, and the major difference between Ståhl+Partners and other consultants is that everything they teach directly translates into everyday life. It’s hands-on, concrete, down to earth and anything but fuzzy!

They motivate and challenge the participants, and they involve us as senior managers, so we can take over and continue when the training process is completed. S+P’s training leads to concrete, measurable results for all participants, and the results are evident in both behavior and work.

The training has led to more harmonic and highly motivated leaders and employees who create positive changes in their workplace. They have learned how to work smarter and more efficiently, which in turn results in more private leisure time. In addition, the "employee satisfaction index" has so far increased by 17% for our participants in the Future Leaders Training Program".
MIKAEL WALLTEG, Vice President, Systembolaget



  Rolf Hilleberg, former CEO, Hilleberg The Tentmaker When I took over as CEO my goal was to maintain the high quality of our tents while accelerating our development and expansion. To accomplish this we needed to increase team work between our different departments in order to otimize our employees’ tremendeous talents.

Ståhl+Partners AB helped us understand our differences and how we can take advantage of them in the best possible way to create even better results. I have also used Helena Ståhl as my personal business coach and developed my ability to communicate my goals and vision for the company.

Helena doesn’t always make the most convenient suggestions, but instead points out what will lead the company forward and that is what I as the CEO need to hear. Her endless energy and comittment exceeds anything I have ever experienced , and her way of selecting and providing the right coaches for the right contexts and the right needs shows her professional talent and excellent leadership.

Ståhl+Partners and Hilleberg have several similarities. We are both relatively small companies in terms of number of employees, but we provide high quality products and services, and we have a very good reputation and we always perform with maximum quality. So far, we have been partners for more than two years, and I very much look forward to a continued partnership.”
 ROLF HILLEBERG, former Vice President, Hilleberg The Tentmaker

Hilleberg the tentmaker In 1971 Bo Hilleberg founded Hilleberg AB, and today the company is one of the most well-known and reputable tentmakers worldwide.



AnticimexAnticimex is an international service company founded in 1934. They create safe and healthy indoor environments and operate within the areas on pest control, hygiene services and building environments. They are more than 3 000 employees serving 2.2 million customers. Anticimex has since 2010 chosen to work with S+P to educate all employees in management positions. They will start their seventh program in the fall 2013. 

  Anna Svanfeldt, VP of Human Resources, Anticimex AB We had multiple objectives with our leadership training; to achieve a cultural change in the company, to attract new leaders, to secure growth among our existing leaders and to provide them with a solid foundation. Strong leadership leads to satisfied employees and satisfied employees leads to satisfied customers. A strong leadership is crucial for our continued development and for achieveing our goals. Ståhl + Partners was able to match all of our criteria, and so far Ståhl+Partners has delivered beyond our expectations.

Our criteria were that the training consultants should offer a mix of theory and practical excercises, provide hands-on tools and offer the program in English. Furthermore, it was important that our partner really understood our needs and could communicate on our level. We wanted a long-term partner who could help build a program based on our values. Above all, we wanted demonstrated results and a guarantee that we would see a permanent change in our leaders.

Helena Ståhl and her trainers are highly valued and appreciated among our leaders. So far, 65 leaders have completed the program and the goal is to have 120 leaders from Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia fully trained by the end of 2014. Our next step is to introduce an English program for our English-speaking leaders. There is no doubt that our partnership with S+P is developing and improving our business. That’s why we have chosen to work with Ståhl+Partners”.
 ANNA SVANFELDT, VP of Human Resources, Anticimex, Anticimex AB



  Roland Djärv, VP of Sales, Svenska Spel 21 of our district managers participated in Ståhl+Partners’ presentation skills training over a year ago, and still all of them say that it was the best initiative in years! When 21 people simultaneously increase their skills and professionalism, the outcome is powerful , effective and leads to results. We already notice better sales results compared to the previous year. The network meetings with our representatives have greatly improved and the self-confidence has increased among all participating employees.

Everyone here is still using the amazing tools and methods we learned from Ståhl+Partners’ training last year. The tools combined with individual feedback from professionals made the training one of a kind.”
ROLAND DJÄRV, VP of Sales, Svenska Spel

Svenska Spel Svenska Spel is Sweden’s leading gambling company with several strong and well-known brands. According to the gambling industry, Svenska Spel is one of the world’s most responsible gambling companies and has repeatedly been praised for its business ethics. Swedish Games offers sports betting and lotteries in stores, on the internet and via mobile phone. The company continuously trains its staff in presentation skills with S+P, and has previously trained over 100 excecutives in S+P’s custom leadership development programs.



Select Collection Select Collection tailors exclusive trips to destinations all over the world and has been around for over 20 years. The company is represented in Sweden, Norway, Finland and England. Ståhl+Partners helped Select Collection maintain good results throughout a recession.

  LEIJA GRAF, CEO, Select Collection We realized that we were headed towards a recession, and because we have successfully prevailed through previous recessions, we knew what was coming. I still wanted to prepare my team and my colleagues by giving them the opportunity to work with an outside consultant to develop an even stronger team spirit as well as individual confidence.

The key to our success is loyal customers, but during the recession we also wanted to bring in new customers. During the year we trained with Ståhl+Partners we strengthened our team spirit, improved each employee’s communication skills and leaned how to manage the changes we went through in a strategic way.

I was provided with tools that will help me lead my business effectively, and improve and enhance the details. In an industry that is otherwise extremely sensitive to economic conditions, we have managed to increase our sales and earnings during a recession - thanks to Ståhl+Partners. This was made possible by finetuning our teams and bringing out even more amazing qualities in our staff, in combination with Select’s unique products and services."
LEIJA GRAF, CEO, Select Collection



  Kerstin Wallentin, VP of MArketing, ATG The training has resulted in happier and more confident leaders and employees who take charge and initiative, who perform at top capacity and have a better overall view of the company’s and the customers’ needs.

As the client, I had very high expectations of Ståhl + Partners, and they were always met! There were clear objectives for all involved; managers actively participated in the process and the participants showed concrete results from the training. There was also a connection between professional and personal life in order to achieve a better balance.

Nothing compares to Ståhl+Partners’ passion, commitment and straightforwardness. Ståhl+Partners don’t twaddle – they were hired to contribute to our company’s and the employees’ growth and development, and that is exactly what they did!

We wanted to increase our managers’ and employees’ ability and possibility to create new opportunities and optimize their skills in the best way for the company. I am extremely pleased with the results that my staff has achieved and how it has affected the marketing and communications department and ATG in its entirety! "

ATG ATG is the only gambling company authorized to conduct horse racing in Sweden. ATG is operated as a nonprofit company by the Swedish Trotting and Gallop Association. This means that the entire profit goes back to the horse racing sport. One of ATG's overall objectives is to have a staff of worldclass employees, and to achieve this goal ATG has teamed up with Ståhl+Partners. Twice a year ATG’s employees have participated in S+P’s Personal Development Program in order to increase team work across departments and to build employees’ confidence, which results in a general positive impact on the company.



Roche Roche is the world's largets biotech company and one of the fastest growing companies in diagnostics and pharmaceuticals. For more than 100 years the company has worked with discovery, development and manufacturing of new drugs. Roche, which is part of the Roche Pharmaceuticals in Sweden, currently works primarily with drugs in oncology, rheumatism, virology, inflammation, metabolism and CNS. Over the last five years Roche has worked with Ståhl+Partners and together developed a leadership program that all managers participate in.

  Paul Brown, former CEO, Roche Sweden Ståhl+Partners' leadership program is the best I have experienced in my 25 years of living all over the world! One reason for this is the training program’s simplicity and the ease of applying the training in the workplace. Another reason is that Helena Ståhl is an exceptionally talented coach. She exhibits a passion for what she does and a commitment to her client far beyond the ordinary. She is always available. She coaches, supports, confirms, pushes, and is always full of energy. This also applies to all of her coaches.

To my knowledge, this is the only leadership program in the world where the training and the application of the new knowledge is the focus of the program. It’s a fabulous, uncomplicated and efficient concept implemented with passion and commitment.”
PAUL BROWN, former CEO, Roche Sweden



  Liselotte Jansson, former CEO, SAS Institute. We have recommended Ståhl+Partners to our subsidiaries within SAS Institute International because of S+P's exceptional ability to develop and train our managers to reach goals. When we chose a training partner we were in contact with 15 different consultants. I’m usually critical of large investments, but I chose to work with Ståhl+Partners primarily for their pragmatic concept, long-term training period and guarantee of measurable results. Ståhl+Partners provides a long-term approach to reaching measurable fina

ncial goals, and takes responsibility for the training in a completely unique way. Their working methods, support system and tools ensure success and tangible results. They exhibit an exceptional commitment, and always follow-up and give direct and clear feedback. Their help in many types of issues has been invaluable to us.

My objective was to train all leaders in the company in order to obtain a common understanding of leadership, develop better teamwork between departments, to be able to offer attractive career paths in an overheated market and to be able to delegate and hand over responsibility to future leaders. This would in turn result in even greater revenue for our company. All goals are now achieved. "
Voted ”Best place to work” in Sweden 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

SAS Institute SAS Institute is a leader in solutions for decision support with advanced analytics (Business Analytics) and is the largest privately owned provider of Business Intelligence. Since 2007, when SAS Institute began its leadership development training with S+P, SAS Institute has been elected "Best place to work" in Sweden four times.



AV Thomas Group AV Thomas Group, an Indian company founded in 1925, is a world leader in tea and coffee production with 13,000 employees. The company chose to work with Ståhl+Partners to prepare management for changes in the global business climate.

  K. Suresh, Executive Director, AV Thomas Indien The Business scenario in India has changed and there is an increasing need to adapt to all the changes occurring here and in the rest of the world. My need was to prepare and train my management team to adapt to the change in an efficient way.

The answer to my need came in the form of Helena Ståhl. Helena is a “super coach" and she is a master of adressing the multifaceted needs of a business. She creates extraordinary results with my management team and has already become a personal business coach for everyone in the group. She introduces effective tools, coaches directly on site, suggests alternative ways of doing things and shows how to implement everything in the everyday work place.

I want my management team to be able to address and manage change while still improving results at work. According to my experience, usually only 5-10% of what is taught in a training course is later used in the workplace. To my surprise, I now discover that at least 25-30% of S+P’s methods and tools have already been implemented in our company, which is remarkable and has already resulted in a financial return on the investment.

Productivity has increased, which has a direct effect on our business results. I have already recommended Ståhl+Partners to other companies in India and in Asia."
K. SURESH, Executive Director, AV Thomas Indien



   Katarina Wendt-Englund,  former CEO, Identityworks After ownership changes and harsh cutbacks in the organization, management needed support in jumpstarting the organization again, improve teamwork among all employees and target the flow of positive energy. In a very thorough manner, and with a focus on each individual in our company, Ståhl+Partners helped us fin

d out how each of us can grow, contribute to better results and achieve our goals. The project lasted for a year and was measured with clear benchmarks. The follow-up process was impressive. We were never left alone, but always coached and followed up by Ståhl + Partners in our daily activities. Financially, we began to turn a profit after six months of training, and the number of new assignments has increased significantly.

Management, as well as the rest of the organization, now works more efficiently. There is a noticeable increase in positive attitude, which also has led to better teamwork within the organization. The work with the management team as the key group to improve its efficiency and capacity has been especially succesfull. Another success factor has been to focus on each individual in the company. The training process has also created confidence among the employees, and given them the tools to focus on what they do best."
KATARINA WENDT-ENGLUND, former CEO, Identityworks

Identityworks Identityworks is one of the Nordic Countries’ largest brand development agencies and has worked with Ståhl + Partners for one year to improve the company’s leadership and the employees’ motivation and commitment, which in turn will affect the company’s performance and results. As a result, Identityworks surpassed both its quarterly results for the past six months, significantly increased the number of assignments, and also increased the "employee satisfaction index."



Shandrani Shandrani and Le Victoria are two 5-star resorts in Mauritius. They are part of the Beachcomber hotel chain, consisting of nine resorts, all 5-star. They have been selected as some of the world's best resorts by leading magazines, newspapers and travel agencies. S+P has been working with the resorts for three years, and trained all of its management and key employees.

  Jean-Louis Pismont, General Manager Shandrani and Le Victoria Resort & Spa We were in a situation where we needed to learn a new approach to our business. By improving our service, we would be able to increase our revenue. Ståhl+Partners showed us how to work and interact in new and more efficient ways, which led to better results and more satisfied customers.

S+P trained our management team and key employees with frequent customer interaction. The training resulted in a more efficient management, increased customer satisfaction and fewer complaints. With their enthusiasm and availability to motivate our staff to perform better, S+P exceeded all our expectations.

While working with us, S+P also showed great adaptability to culture here in Mauritius, and we have asked them back numerous times, and our partnership will continue.”
Shandrani and Le Victoria Resort & Spa



  Kenneth Jönsson, former CEO, Nokia Scandinavia We are a market leader in almost all countries in the world, have great products and an extremely well-known "brand name". We know how valuable our employees are to us. With the right skills, attitude and selfconfidence, every employee can “sell” Nokia as well as any advertising campaign.

As the leader in charge of Scandinavia, it was important to me that my staff was given the opportunity to grown and develop. The employees all expressed a need to develop their ability to promote themselves and the Nokia products - regardless of their position in the company. Therefore, we decided that all employees and the district managers would be offered the opportunity to participate in a training program that would improve their presentation skills and strengthen their self-confidence.

So far, 100 employees, which is almost all of us, have participated in the training, and the initiative has been met with great enthusiasm and 100% positive feedback. By improving their self-confidence, our employees have also improved their ability to take initiative and manage challenging situations. After each training session, I received personal feedback from Ståhl + Partners regarding each participant’s progress. This has served as a barometer and valuable help when planning the company’s business activities.”tagande. Det har fungerat som en bra temperaturmätare för mig och jag kan planera min verksamhet ännu bättre."
KENNETH JÖNSSON, former CEO, Nokia Scandinavia

Nokia Nokia Corporation is a Finnish company and a world leading "brand name" and a major manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, including mobile phones. Ståhl+Partners has trained all of Nokia Scandinavia’s staff in presentation techniques.



Adara Adara, a former subsidary to Apoteket (Sweden’s leading pharmacy chain), worked with Ståhl+Partners to develop the sales process and increase regional controllers’ social competence and professionalism in interaction with the pharmacies’ self-care management. Simultaneously, Adara’s leaders participated in the training program “Future Leaders”. The results were immediate - Employee Satisfaction and Customer Index showed exceptionally high numbers and revenues increased by 14%.

  Marie Nygren, former CEO, Adara Sales have increased significantly over the last few months, all sales records have been broken and our sales coaches have improved tremendously. This exceptional training program was conducted with great profesionalism and amazing results.

With her energy, enthusiasm and ability to set clear measurable goals and follow up, Helena Ståhl is unique as a trainer and coach. She also has the ability to inspire and build trust in the participants. What makes the program one-of-a-kind is that all participants are provided with unique tools that can easily be applied to their everyday work situation.

Helena's partner Fredrik Dolk was a much appreciated contributor to the training, and conducted role play excercises where the participants were trained to manage difficult situations. Ståhl + Partners has initiated a massive development process, which helped me as CEO in recruiting a sucessor and a new VP of sales.

The training gave me as CEO a very good understanding of each individual's development curve, and provided a valuable foundation for the new sales manager. The investment has been very successful and we have chosen to continue to work with Ståhl+Partners at a higher management level."
MARIE NYGREN,former CEO Adara, presently Vice President, Systembolaget



  Susanna Marcus, former CEO, Poolia Sweden We chose to measure our investment in Ståhl+Partners’ training based on two criteria: turnover and employee survey. Already after six months we noticed a positive, measurable effect!

A year ago we were looking for a consultant that could help us develop our Swedish sales managers' ability to increase sales at a higher level and with greater margins. We were very particular about our partner. We needed someone who understood our needs, could customize the right program, could measure the results, and could ensure that the training could be implemented in our managers’ everyday work. We were in contact with more than 20 different consultants.

When we met with Ståhl+Partners, they made an accurate needs analysis instead of selling a standard package solution. They challanged us as an organization, as management and as individuals, while they showed an exceptional comittment in all aspects. We will continue to measure results for another half a year, but after six months we could already measure economic growth in the form of more business at higher levels, higher margins and also an improvement in terms of our leaders’ ability to lead, coach and develop their employees! "
SUSANNA MARCUS, former CEO, Poolia Sweden

Nokia Poolia Group is one of the leading recruitment and staffing consultants in Europe, and has approximately 2,000 employees in fifteen locations in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany and the UK. Poolia chose to work with Ståhl+Partners with the objective to permeate the entire organization with a professional sales and customer focus.



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