vår nästa generations medarbetare och ledare – våra ungdomar

We have made a conscious commitment to giving a significant
portion of our profit and our own expertise back to our society,
with a focus on those who will be our next generation of
employees and leaders – our youth.

DonDobbin – Our responsibility for the environment


THROWING A CIGARETTE BUTT on the ground is a widespread worldwide behaviour. In Sweden alone, one billion cigarette butts are thrown away each year. One-butt-bag DonDobbin® is a small, odorless, tight and fireproof bag – and an alternative, attractive and easy way to put out a cigarette in a responsible manner, since the bag with the cigarette butt is kept in your pocket or purse until you can dispose it in a trash can. The vision is to create a new social norm, where the street and nature is no longer an acceptable ashtray. Junk begets more trash, graffiti and crime.

  • • The cigarette butt is an environmental hazard that contains the heavy metals cadmium and lead, as well as plastics in the form of cellulose acetate.
  • • The cigarette but is the most common garbage in the urban environment. It often ends up in drains and streams, and has been shown to be directly toxic to fish and crustaceans
  • • The cigarette butt is also the most common trash along our coasts. It quickly becomes invisible because it is so small, but many cigarette butts together become a significant contribution to the mountain of micro-plastics.
  • • The cigarette butt causes fires, is dangerous to children and animals, and causes a considerable cost to society.

Ståhl & Partners believes that cigarette butts on the ground is an untenable situation. A clean and tidy environment, on the other hand, is safer, more attractive, and more productive. It belongs to the future, and therefore we are “Friends of DonDobbin ".

Contact: dondobbin.com

HAPPY FEET – Act today

Happy Feet

HAPPY FEET YOUTH PROJECT is a NPO founded in 2007 by Siviwe Mbinda in an effort to provide a safe after school environment for the children of his community.

Through Siviwe’s work as a tourist guide in Langa, he saw an opportunity to further develop the mentor relationship he had with a small group of children. He paired responsible tourism and gumboots dance together as a catalyst to enable psychosocial and concrete benefits for the children. 

Siviwe Mbinda and Nathi Gigaba have partnered together to establish a program which empowers the children through gumboots and traditional dance to be confident and disciplined in achieving their goals both on and off the stage.

Happy FeetThe participants are required to balance their school work, participation in the Happy Feet activities, as well as how they carry themselves within the community. The program includes approximately 70 boys and girls ages 3-20. 

Through dedication and hard work Happy Feet has performed at conferences, traditional ceremonies, hotels, universities, dance competitions, museums, and in parliament.

The funding Happy Feet receives goes towards uniforms, traditional instruments, a feeding scheme, school fees and material support, and Happy Feet outings and functions. Ståhl + Partners supports Happy Feet through direct activites with the children.

Contact: www.facebook.com/HappyFeetYouthProject

CF – Cystic Fibrosis

Colin has Cystic FibrosisTHE DISEASE WAS KNOWN as early as the Middle Ages – "Pity the child that tastes salty when kissed on its forehead, because it is bewitched and will soon die."

Cystic fibrosis, or CF, is a hereditary chronic disease. Each year 15-20 children are born with the disease in Sweden, which means about 1 child in 5,000 births. Today, nearly 600 people are living with cystic fibrosis in Sweden.

In order to be born with the disease, both parents must be carriers of a mutated copy of the CF gene. If both parents carry the gene, there is a one in four risk that the expected child has cystic fibrosis

Cystisk fibros StockholmStåhl+Partners actively support research on cystic fibrosis by sponsoring Artists Play for Life (Artister spelar för livet) and Cystic Fibrosis Stockholm.



Star for lifeSTAR FOR LIFE is a Swedish educational program designed to enhance young people's self-esteem. In South Africa, where the program was launched, the emphasis is on HIV prevention, but the program and its philosophy is also used to motivate and empower young people to invest in education and realize their dreams.

The organization is non-profit, and politically and religiously independent. The objective is to inspire young people to believe in their future and their dreams, and to support them to live a life without AIDS.

Star for Life was launched in 2005 and now reaches more than 90,000 young people and their families in South Africa, Namibia and Sri Lanka. Ståhl + Partners are actively working to find sponsors for the schools and we contribute our professional skills where needed.

See the film about Star for Life.

Sam Olofsson, Secretary General, +46 70 828490, sam@starforlife.org
Peter Janzon, Donor Contributions Manager, +46 70 8224860, peter@starforlife.org www.starforlife.org


VÅGA VARA DIG SJÄLV – DARE TO BE YOURSELFTHE FOUNDATION VÅGA VARA DIG SJÄLV (DARE TO BE YOURSELF) was founded June 1, 2005 by the Falkbäck family in memory of their daughter Linda. The Foundation's mission is to act preventively and constructively for a better future for children and adolescents, and to be a proactive and positive force for a fair, future society.

Våga vara dig själv fights against exclusion and bullying in Swedish schools. The organization offers yearly summer camps and other activities for young people. Ståhl+Partners support the summer camps and also the strategic development of the foundation.

Contact: www.vagavadigsjalv.se


TEAM MISSION STRIVES TO HELP youth in the Philippines and Latvia, where children are being mistreated, suffer starvation and lack schooling. Many are driven to prostitution and to survive this degrading life they resort to drugs and crime. Many children are sent out in the streets to support themselves. Parents can not afford to feed their children.

Since 1981, Team Mission has helped thousands of children in need by providing schooling, food, clothing, medical assistance and a chance to a new future.

Team Mission’s work started by serving food to needy children in an apartment in a suburb of Daugavpils in Latvia. Today Team Mission is building its own youth camp and Ståhl+Partners is one of the sponsors.

Contact: Catharina Harknäs, +46 220 30640 info@teammission.net www.teammission.net


IMGAINE IF YOUNG PEOPLE were taught everything that we adults learn in leadership training, but 20 years earlier in life? So began the idea of developing a leadership program for high school students.

For the past five years, Ståhl+Partners have been donating part of our profit to our non-profit "youth program" for teenagers currently in the second year (usually 17-18 years old) of secondary schools all over Sweden, with the objective to help develop the next generation of employees and managers.

Contact: Helena Ståhl, CEO, Ståhl+Partners AB

More info on our Website ››


WE PARTICIPATE in the Swedish non-profit project Mentor Eget Företag (Mentor Young Entrepreneur)by helping young business owners become more successful.

The initiative was based on a great demand among small business owners. The objective is to increase the survival rate among self-employed entrepreneurs, as well as to increase growth.

The organizations behind Mentor Eget Företag are Entrepreneur Stockholm and ALMI Stockholm. Sponsors are Tillväxtverket (The Growth Board), the European Regional Development Fund and Kvinnors Företagande Stärker Sverige (Women's Entrepreneurship Strengthens Sweden).

Contact: www.kkikk.se/mentoregetforetag/html/about.html

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