Concrete results CONCRETE RESULTS

Examples of concrete results that companies have achieved by training with Ståhl+Partners
are outlined below.


All quotes are from our clients and participants:


WE ARE BREAKING OUR SALES RECORDS and have increased our revenues by 14%.

Everyone is wondering why we are doing so well, and my own theory is that our leadership has significantly improved thanks to Ståhl + Partners. This has been my best investment as CEO so far.

WE STARTED TO MAKE A PROFIT redan efter sex månaders träning och antalet nya uppdrag har ökat markant.

ONE GOAL WAS TO INCREASE THE NUMBER OF NEW CLIENTS by being more proactive and aggressive in the market. This resulted in 7 new clients in 6 months.

WE HAVE INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY compared to the 2007 budget by 13.4%.


OUR EMPLOYEE INDEX HAD INCREASED BY 29% when we measured after about 6 months training.

THERE IS AN IMPROVEMENT IN MEETING OUR GOALS, clarity and support from 80% to 96%.

THE ”EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION INDEX” HAS INCREASED BY 29%, which also has led to a significant change in attitude and understanding between the employees. There is Concrete resultsa greater acceptance, a more relaxed attitude towards each other and a more open-minded atmosphere in the department.


I WORK 5 HOURS LESS every week, but with the same results as before.

I SPEND 20% MORE TIME WITH MY FAMILY and 15% more time with my friends, but I maintain the same results at work.

I EXERCISE REGURLARLY and I have 25% more energy at work.

I HAVE TERMINATED ONE EMPLOYEE AND TRANSFERRED another, and everyone is pleased with the solution.

I HAVE OBTAINED VERY GOOD RESULTS regarding improved communication and in ”effective clarification of long-term goals” (from 2 to 7). I changed tactics; I now convert the company's strategic goals into the concept of ”what does this mean for you as an employee”.

80 % of our participants achieve their goals for employee developmentTHE SALES DEPARTMENT

WE INCREASED OUR SALES RESULTS BY 15% during the first 6 months. We have learned to work in a different way and have made the sales efforts and results visible, and the revenue has exceeded all of our expectations.

I HAVE SAVED 6M. SEK FOR MY COMPANY during 6 months by solving our distribution problem together with my colleagues in a creative way.

ALREADY AFTER THREE MONTHS our new sales person made over 500 sales calls, gave more than 20 demonstrations, conducted several sales visits, submitted offers and closed several deals. In addition, she has undertaken 20 market activities.

SALES HAVE INCREASED DRAMATICALLY during the past months. We have broken all previous sales records, and all our sales coaches have grown and improved enormously.

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