Helena Palm – Personal Coach for managers and employeesBACKGROUND
There is an abundance of coaches for hire, and it may be difficult to know which type of coach to choose, and why. We have tried to make it simple for our clients by identifying three types of coaching that Ståhl + Partners offer;

Top Executive Coach – Helena Ståhl

Business Coach / Business Strategy Coach – Johan Blad

Personal Coach for managers and employees – Helena Palm

68 % of our participants feel that the individual personal coaching has a "BIG" or "VERY BIG" effect on the results achieved.


When should you hire a personal coach?

When you have identified personal development needs

When you are highly motivated to advance in life

When you have a clear goal with the coaching

When you can take charge of and complete the coaching initiative

The purpose of individual coaching is to guarantee development of new habits and application of new knowledge, which will lead to improved and measurable results in work performance. We only accept coaching assignments that run for at least 6 months and have clearly defined objectives.


Our entire training philosophy is based on teaching the participants concrete methods that they can apply in their departments between the sessions, and it is essential that there is adequate time for application, reflection and insight.

This is why we recommend that the training period lasts for at least 6 months, with at least 10-12 sessions, approximately every three weeks for 1-2 hours at a time. This gives participants enough time to apply what they have learned, but not too long to lose momentum.

The participant can decide if he/she might want to meet more often in the beginning and less often at the end, and we will adapt the coaching accordingly.

We deliver what we promise and help you reach your goals



The objective of the first meeting is to identify the client’s needs, and based on these needs set well-defined goals for the coaching. It should be possible to measure the goals during and after the coaching. During this meeting the coach and participant agree on how the coaching should be carried out; when it will take place, how to report the results and how to involve immediate managers.

During each meeting we go over how things are at present, and what has happened since the last time. We check off all commitments, how they have been applied and their effects, and define a new action plan. The participants will get practical coaching at each meeting, practice how coaching works in everyday life, and how they can develop their own ability to coach and make others grow and develop. We conclude the meeting by summarizing the achieved, measurable results.


I had landed my dream job – an international leadership position abroad with 220 employees reporting to me. I knew that my success depended on how well I could develop a motivating vision and strategies for the future, and how well I would be able to present all this in English. For 6 months, I received intensive training from Ståhl + Partners, in Spain and in Sweden, based on well-defined and clear goals. I achieved all these goals.

  • Performed analysis of needs with key employees
  • Identified needs
  • Developed a business plan for the coming three years
  • Received immediate acceptance of the plan from highest management
  • Developed a clear vision for the company
  • Gave presentations in English to all my employees
  • Managed to engage and involve all employees in my plans and ideas

To work with S + P is tough and challenging, and it is well worth the time and money. During my six months of training, I have grown and developed more as a leader and a human being than during the previous six years! I estimate that what I accomplished in these six months would otherwise have taken a year to achieve without the support of S+P’s training program.

KENT ROXENTJÄRN– Site Head and Global VP of IT, Roche, Madrid KENT ROXENTJÄRN – Site Head and Global VP of IT, Roche, Madrid


Top executivecoach – Helena StåhlHelena Ståhl works with the entire management team or with individual managers on a strategic level towards very concrete goals. Helena Ståhl is licensed in the behavioral test IDI (Interpersonal Dynamic Inventory) as well as in the tool EQi which measures emotional intelligence and ”The personal compass” – visions, strategy and goals.

Business coach / Affärsstrategisk coach – Johan BladJohan Blad has been working with individual growth, business development and organizational transformation since 1992. He was also partner and CEO in a management consultant firm for eleven years. He holds a diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy from the University of Derby, U.K.

Personlig coach för chefer och medarbetare – Helena PalmHelena Palm works one-on-one with personal growth on an individual level, usually in relation to the individual’s work. The individual is often, but not always, a manager in a leadership position. Helena is also one of our personal coaches for our leadership training, and accepts individual clients as well. Helena Palm is a licensed coach, as well as licensed in grief counselling and Lucher’s colour test.

According to MANCHESTER CONSULTING INC., investments in personal coaching are expected to result in a return of six times the cost of the investment. Additionally, a recent study published in the "Public Personnel Management Journal" shows those managers who underwent personal coaching increased productivity by 22%.

Source: Intergrated Business Solutions, LLC 2009

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