WHAT HAPPENED? Total expenses decreased by 5 % (five percent), the employees continued to be at least as satisfied as before, confidence in management further increased and Roche maintained its market share in a market that has endured challenging times for the last five years.

WHY? Paul Brown came from a previous position as CEO for Roche Canada. Before that, he had worked in Switzerland as well as in England. As the new CEO he soon realized that in order to stay successful throughout the difficult years that lay ahead of the company, he had to invest in developing the managers’ leadership skills and to turn his group into a “high performance team”.

HOW? Management defined objectives for the training investment and for the company, and presented them to their colleagues. A partnership with S+P followed between 2007 and 2010. When the training was completed, the planned re-organization of the company took place. The objective of the re-organization was to increase performance, decrease costs and still maintain Roche’s good reputation and position as one of the best workplaces in its field of business.

Paul Brown Ståhl+Partners' leadership program is the best I have experienced in my 25 years of living all over the world! One reason for this is the training program’s simplicity and the ease of applying the training concepts in the workplace. Another reason is that Helena Ståhl is an exceptionally talented coach.

She exhibits a passion for what she does and a commitment to her clients far beyond the ordinary. She is always available. She coaches, supports, confirms, pushes, and is always full of energy. This also applies to all of her coaches.

To my knowledge, this is the only leadership program in the world where the training and the application of the new knowledge is the focus of the program. It’s a fabulous, uncomplicated and efficient concept implemented with passion and commitment.”

Paul Brown, CEO, Roche Sweden 2007–2010



WHAT HAPPENED? After the first training was completed, 10 executives advanced to new positions or significantly expanded their work areas. All participants reached or exceeded their individual goals and the entire team advanced within selected areas. Even before the first training program was completed, the next was ordered! Halfway into the training in 2008, Mölnlycke was so pleased with the results that the company booked even more training with Ståhl+Partners.

WHY? Mölnlycke had been through several ownership changes in recent years, and there was a need for a more clear and homogeneous leadership. One of the objectives was not only to keep 100 percent of managers in the company after the training was completed, but also to be able to promote them within the company. Another goal was to achieve more inspiring leadership that could influence and motivate the employees.

HOW? 20 managers from around the world were flown to Sweden every other month during one year to participate in the Global Leadership Development Program. This was a customized training program for Mölnlycke’s international managers and it was conducted in English.

Anna Sand former Learning & Development Manager, Mölnycke Healthcare   When we initiated GLDP (Global Leadership Developmental Program), the goal was to develop the leadership within the company around the world, and to ensure that we develop and retain our key employees in the future.

The program was developed based on a number of interviews with top management. Ståhl+Partners supports our internal development process by both structuring and providing training for our managers from around the world. S+P delivers what they promise, are deeply committed to their clients and show great understanding for the organizations they work with. They are energetic, flexible and perceptive to their clients’ needs. This is why we are highly satisfied to work with S+P.

S+P has also influenced how we measure the effectiveness of other internal development efforts. We now have a structured development process in place which ensures that we reach our goals. We have already started the third global training program with S+P and are now thinking about continuing with a fourth.”

Anna Sand, former Learning & Development Manager, Mölnycke Healthcare



WHAT HAPPENED Efter sex månaders träning hade målen nåtts. Personalundersökningarna hade ökat i enlighet med ledningsgruppens önskemål. Dessutom hade värdet på TB1 (tilläggsbidrag 1) ökat väsentligt.

WHY? According to Poolia’s tradition, the company was a “consulting” company – not a “sales” company. But the market had changed, and it became evident that all staff members needed to be able to sell, not only those in traditional sales positions. It was extremely important for Poolia to find the right training company for the task, and Poolia met with no less than 20 training consultants. After eight months, Poolia decided to choose Ståhl+Partners. We presented professional needs analyses and made demands on the management team, which was much appreciated. We also showed that we had the tools to measure result, but most importantly; we demonstrated a commitment and enthusiasm that was beyond the ordinary.

HOW? Poolia, together with Ståhl+Partners, selected the correct group to train: the leaders who had the greatest influence on the most people in the company, which turned out to be the managers who had consultants among their staff. After the training was completed in 2007, it was decided that Poolia’s management team would train with Ståhl + Partners as well. Additionally, during the next two years, all of Poolia’s consultant managers were trained in developing their leadership skills.

Susanna Marcus former CEO, Poolia Sverige  We chose to measure our investment in Ståhl+Partners’ training based on two criteria: sales growth and employee surveys. Already after six months we noticed a positive, measurable effect!

A year ago we were looking for a consultant that could help us develop our Swedish sales managers' abilities to higher levels; i.e. to increase sales as well as to achieve greater margins. We were very particular about our partner. We needed someone who understood our needs, could customize the right program, could measure the results, and could ensure that the training could be implemented in our managers’ everyday work. We were in contact with more than 20 different consultants.

When we met with Ståhl+Partners, they conductedan accurate needs analysis instead of selling a standard package solution. They challenged us as an organization, as management and as individuals, while they showed an exceptional commitment to all aspects of the training.

We will continue to measure results for another half a year, but after six months we could already measure growth in the form of increased business, higher margins and also an improvement in terms of our leaders’ ability to lead, coach and develop their employees!"

Susanna Marcus, former CEO, Poolia Sverige



WHAT HAPPENED? HAPPENED? During the year that Nokia’s entire staff was trained in promoting themselves and their skills, Nokia increased their market share in Sweden. A bonus was that EVERYONE was extremely pleased with the training and thought it exceeded their expectations, and they could all point out concrete results as a direct result of the training.

WHY? Nokia is a market leader in most parts of the world, except for Sweden. The overall goal was to gain more market shares in the Swedish market. In addition to traditional strategies, such as product development, advertising campaigns and marketing, the CEO, Kenneth Jönsson, in 2008 also decided that all employees should receive training in how to promote themselves and their products as unique in the market place.

HOW? Everyone participated: secretaries, assistants, technicians, sales staff, managers and the management team. All of the 120 participants received training in how to motivate, inform, simplify, manage complaints, promote change, and, above all, promote themselves.

Kenneth Jönsson, former CEO, Nokia ScandinaviaWe are a market leader in almost all countries in the world, have great products and an extremely well-known "brand name". We know how valuable our employees are to us. With the right skills, attitude and self-confidence, every employee can “sell” Nokia as well as any advertising campaign.

As the leader in charge of Scandinavia, it was important to me that my staff was given the opportunity to grow and develop. The employees all expressed a need to develop their ability to promote themselves and the Nokia products - regardless of their position in the company. Therefore, we decided that all employees and the district managers would be offered the opportunity to participate in a training program that would improve their presentation skills and strengthen their self-confidence.

So far, 100 employees, which is almost all of us, have participated in the training, and the initiative has been met with great enthusiasm and with 100% positive feedback. By improving their self-confidence, our employees have also improved their ability to take initiative and manage challenging situations.

Additionally, I received personal feedback from Ståhl+Partners after each training session regarding each participant’s progress. This has served as a barometer and valuable help when planning the company’s business activities.”

Kenneth Jönsson, former CEO, Nokia Scandinavia

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